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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!
New Release: Ariana & Evans-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Ariana & Evans

When you are looking to treat yourself to products that make you look good, feel good, and smell good, then look no further than Ariana & Evans. This up-and-coming brand is the vision of Peter Charkalis. For several years, he has been in the wet shaving business with his store, The Shaving Shop & Club, but a conversation with a fellow wet shaving friend on a trip to Australia led to a vision. “That conversation sparked an idea to create a new brand, which would be separate from The Shaving Shop and allow me to branch out, be more creative and offer products to retailers,” said Peter. “My belief is that wet shaving is the gateway or entry drug to magnificent fragrances. My goal is to bridge that gap with outstanding products which smell amazing.” Ariana & Evans seeks to do just that.

 On his flight from Sydney to LA, Peter developed the name (middle names of  his daughter and himself), logo, and branding image. During his layover, he purchased the domain name. By the time he arrived back in Connecticut, he was off to the races. “My vision for the brand is to go global, continue our partnerships with fragrance houses and perfumers, as well as offer high end niche type fragrances at a reasonable price,” said Peter. “My passion has always been my family. Everything I do, I do for them with love,” said Peter, “The business has unlocked another passion, which is relatively new for me. I never realized I had a creative side and such an entrepreneurial spirit. This has come late in life and I’m so happy to have found this part of me which has been hidden all these years.”

Peter had been outsourcing the soap making to multiple vendors (and then he would add the fragrances after the fact). “In order to grow the business, I needed to have greater control of inventory/availability, new releases and consistent offerings. Meaning that my customers would know that each soap they would buy would be exactly as the previous purchased. It was impossible to offer that constancy by working with multiple suppliers. I realized that in order to grow, be consistent and have better control of inventory and new releases, I needed to bring this in-house.” The new tallow-based goat’s milk & lanolin shaving soap is getting good buzz around the cybersphere. The rich, thick, dense lather is slick and the post-shave is . . . well, superb. In addition to goat’s milk & lanolin, there are four butters, three oils, and beeswax to treat your face. “I embarked on this journey with a promise to myself that I wouldn’t release a soap unless I felt it was great in all the important categories that Wet Shavers look for. Good was not good enough, therefore, I set expectations very, very high,” said Peter. Buts scents are certainly their strength. “I have built alliances and partnerships worldwide which enable us to offer magnificently scented soaps, splashes, fragrances, serums and soon other grooming products.”

We’re excited to be carrying a number of Peter’s best selling soaps and matching aftershaves.

Asian PlumThis fragrance from A&E is a complex, fruity offering with a masculine base. Notes of plum and dried fruits provide a sweet start but notes tobacco, tonka bean, coffee, vanilla, and a hint of plumeria round out the aroma.

Photo from @jeffwetsahves on instagram

Cacao Lussuria - If you are a chocolate-lover, you will lust for this "deliciously decadent" aroma. Notes of coffee, cocoa, tonka beans and bitter orange combine with vanilla, dried fruit, and wood notes for a complex, "good-enough-to-eat" fragrance. And the after dinner theme continues with just a hint of cognac & tobacco to complete the experience.

Grecian HorseGrecian Horse is a fougere (a perfume classification for an aroma that is usually fern-like with floral notes and a woody base). This take is a unique twist with top notes of bergamot and almond with a sweet, spicy floral heart that furthers a marzipan feel. Then a muted, masculine base adds notes of amber and sandalwood. As A&E says, "Grecian Horse will get you noticed and leave a lasting impression of class, power and refined masculinity." 

Photo from @dblde on instagam

Portrait in SoHo - This fragrance was inspired by a trip to a fragrance store in SoHo during a visit to NYC. Peter sought to recreate the "classy, rich, smokey, and gorgeous" aroma in this Portrait in SoHo. This is a strong, powerful scent. Notes of rose, cinnamon & black current give a sweet, spicy start. Then blend in incense & patchouli for an exotic heart. The base of amber, musk, and woods is earthy, but subtle.

Khalifa - Khalifa (an Islamic leader of a caliphate) is a complex, exotic, mysterious fragrance. This woody, smoky, dark aroma is unique and compelling. Notes of resins, tobacco, vanilla, oud, coffee, and incense create this scent. 

Photo from @120ina55 on instagram

St. Barts This complex aroma will bring your tropical vacay right to your shaving den. Inspired by Creed Virgin Island Water, this recreation will have you imagining a umbrella drink, sand in your toes, and a steel drum band. Notes of fresh lime and light coconut (fresh out of the shell, not cheap suntan oil) with mandarin, bergamot, and floral notes of Indian jasmine, sweet hibiscus, ylang-ylang, and ginger are joined by a base of sugar cane, musk, and a touch of sandalwood & white rum. 

Orange VerteWho doesn't love a citrus forward soap? Well, if you like that bright citrus pop, A&E has upped the ante by adding a bit of earthiness to round out the fragrance. The result is a "soft (not weak), sophisticated, clean, complex" scent. Two types of orange, lemon, and bergamot take the lead, but then a black pepper and lavender note add a new twist. The warm, inviting oakmoss base with touches of patchouli softened and deepen the aroma.

Photo from @dblde on instagram



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