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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
New Release: Blackland Razors-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Blackland Razors

Form and function; aesthetic and efficiency; beauty and business. When a tool can meet your needs AND your wants, then you’ve hit the jackpot. And that is what Blackland Razors does so well. They are committed to creating products that endure through time. “We believe in blurring the line between artwork and functional tools. It is our promise that every product we make is crafted to last a lifetime and designed to perform as well as it looks.” In 2015, Shane Swartzlander and his wife, Merissa Hawkins, formed Blackland with a desire to do just that.

They were inspired by the high-end watch industry. While you might be able to purchase a cheap timepiece that can tell you the time, but that isn’t the only consideration when buying a watch. A fine watch tells a story – of quality, durability, and design. The Blackland razors take the same approach. “Nothing would make us happier than for your razor to be passed down from you to your son and from him to his.  Anything short of that longevity is unacceptable.”


West Coast Shaving is delighted to be the first US retailer to carry their products. Each is meticulously designed by Swartzlander and Hawkins, then manufactured by small companies right here in the USA.  We are pleased to carry the Blackbird Safety Razor.   

The Blackbird Safety razor is a sleek, modern marvel. Modeled after the iconic SR-71 “Blackbird” reconnaissance aircraft, this razor is striking in form and astounding in function. The long vertical lines create troughs for the water to flow down and away, giving you better grip. The three-piece razor is machined from 303 stainless steel with tight tolerances, so you get a noteworthy, close, consistent shave. Get it in polished stainless steel or the matte, machined look. Either way you will have a tool to last a lifetime.


Photos from @blacklandrazors on Instagram  

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