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Free Shipping On All New Items.
New Release: Dr. Jon's Handcrafted Soap Co.-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Dr. Jon's Handcrafted Soap Co.

If you are tired of using fake soaps and artificial goops and goos, then you are ready to embrace a more chemical-free life. Take a look at soap maker and tonic blender, Dr. Jon’s Handcrafted Soap Co. We’re pleased to be expanding our line of offerings from this conscientious artisan.

Like many in this growing club, Jon Eplin discovered wet shaving as a revolt against the daily shave with plastic razor and goop. Once he was turned on to the ritual that is wet shaving, he was hooked. It didn’t take him long to begin looking into making his own products. “My wife and I started making shaving soap about a year after I started wet shaving...April 2014.  I wanted to make a vegan soap that was more than just glycerin and coconut oil.  With some significant scar tissue on my neck, I wanted to make something that would allow me to have the most comfortable shave without tearing my neck up.  I also have a very curious personality and thought it would be fun to learn something new,” said Jon.

This company is passionate about natural, animal product-free grooming requisites. They support animal welfare with their time and money as they “believe in giving back and speaking for those so don’t have a voice.” What they DO use it top quality oils that promote natural skin health. “We had numerous requests asking which of our products only had essential oils and lots of requests for fragrance free products.  There is a large movement toward chemical free living and we wanted to give people that option with our products.  We are also changing our lifestyle at home to be more chemical free everyday,” said Jon. This led to a line of all-essential-oil products.       

With their fabulous performance also comes some noteworthy scents – and names. From Anne Bonny to Hydra, Jon pulls much of his creative naming from his love to reading. “I love reading about history, mythology, science fiction, comic books, really anything but romance novels!  Sometimes I come up with names from the infinite library in my head and create the scent profile from there.  And sometimes I create the names after I've created the fragrances,” Jon said.

Even through criticism (and the artisan soapmaking world is full of it), the Eplin’s are continuing to do what they love. “I create scent profiles that I enjoy; I guess that's what I do...I create products that I enjoy and love to use,” said Jon. “We decided that we would always release what we wanted and not worry about any negativity that would ensue.  We receive wonderful emails from our customers every day, praising what we do.  It feels really good to produce products that actually bring joy to peoples' lives.”

The newest products we are carrying include aftershave tonics: Classic, Hydra, Anne Bonny, & Propaganda.


We also are adding some new soaps in the Essentials line: Cedar & Rose, Clary Sage & Sweet Birch, Eucalyptus & Spearmint.


So what’s next for Dr. Jon’s? They are expanding their Essentials line, curing shampoo bars, and releasing an all-purpose oil (great for pre-shave, moisturizing, conditioning, and more). And that is just the start. Bar soap and solid deodorant are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Photos from instagram @drjonsshaving and #drjonsshavesoap

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