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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!

New Release: Envy Shave

We’re so pleased to launch our partnership with brush maker, Nathan Clark, of Envy Shave. For Nathan, turning shaving brushes was a merging of two worlds: wet shaving and wood turning. Meld those hobbies together and we get the beautiful brushes that are coming out of his shop in Utah.

Nathan’s love for turning wood began back in high school wood shop. “The first time I used a lathe I really enjoyed the artistic freedom and knew it would something I'd always want to do,” he said. He continued to hone his craft over the years.  “I spent years hands-on learning with some of the best woodturners in the world; I've taken college courses from the best instructors available, and I have had the incredible opportunity to take trade school style instruction from top professionals from Australia, England, United States.” This is more than “just a hobby”. He has 6 lathes in his 720 foot shop. So, with his love of lathe turning firmly established how did Nathan encounter wet shaving?

His experience with wet shaving came by way of a hand-me-down straight razor. “In 2012, I inherited a straight razor and was immediately hooked. I found that using a straight razor was a good way to connect with my deceased father,” Nathan said. Of course, the first thing he did was make himself a brush. And while it was a thing of beauty, he had a long way to go in understanding badger hair, loft, and shape. He spent the rest of the year buying brushes and importing hair to really study the subject. First, he started by trading his brushes for straight razors, but (as so many know) there is only so much room in a shaving den. “I could no longer do trades for brushes, but I was happy to sell them,” said Nathan. A business was born.

Nathan's first brush

Nathan uses more than just wood on his lathe. Resin allows him a unique opportunity to play with sharp contrasts and clearly delineated lines. His brushes have a fluid design. “Each shape flows neatly into the next design element, or is crisply set apart and contrasted with fine detail to clearly delineate a new section,” said Nathan. Much of his work is inspired by nature, which he gets to enjoy during mountain biking. “I find that the three hobbies work in harmony, woodturning providing a creative outlet, mountain biking providing a physical outlet and inspirational source, and shaving providing time for self-reflection and meditation,” said Nathan.


We are carrying 8 limited edition Envy Shave brushes in a variety of colors, sizes, and hair grades. As well as a number of brushes in his Alluminati line. And two soaps worthy of these brushes!





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