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BOGO 20% Off Shaving Soaps & Creams. Use Code BOGO20
New Release: Eufros Shaving Soap & Aftershave-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Eufros Shaving Soap & Aftershave

With all the amazing artisans on the market today, why search outside the borders of the US? Because Eufros is THAT good.  This handmade, small batch, lathering monster is the creation of Manuel Garcia, aka JabonMan. With no storefront and no website, this Spanish artisan has remained on the fringes of mainstream wet shaving, but always with a subtle presence in chatrooms, reviews, and SOTD (shave of the day) posts.  Perhaps his obscurity added to his mystic! West Coast Shaving is pleased to be bringing his products to the US market as the first and only US retailer.

Manuel’s journey to shaving soap guru began in the villages of Spain during his childhood. “When I was little, I saw in a village how "the grandmothers" made soap to wash clothes, and I was impressed, it seemed a process that had magic,” said Manuel. That image stuck with him and soon he was making bath soap, soothing balms for back pain/strains, and antiperspirants for his personal use. Eventually (and inevitably, perhaps) he turned an eye toward wet shaving. “I have always had problems shaving, my skin is irritated by rubbing and my hair is rough, so a few years ago I decided to make my own shaving soap, to see if my skin did not suffer so much,” said Manuel. The result is a line of totally natural, notable slick, great lathering soaps and soothing, non-greasy balms.

We are carrying 4 soaps and matching aftershaves that have gotten a lotta love from wet shavers around the world.

Eufros Tallow Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm, Cronos - One of his newest scents is Cronos. While he doesn't tend to reveal his full scent profiles, he uses largely essential oils to create his unique aromas. Chamomile, rosewood, honey, lavender, green tea and patchouli speak to a spicy, sweet, lightly floral aroma.

Eufros Vegan Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm, Gea - The Gea scent is a masculine, cologne-type aroma. The scent builds as you create your lather. Notes of bergamot, lavender, cedar, & neroli give off a traditional barbershop-like fragrance. 

Eufros Tallow Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm, Tobacco - Manuel gets lots of love for his scents even though he doesn't reveal all the notes in his scent profiles. This tobacco aroma is for pipe tobacco lovers. Slow down and revel in the fragrance. Like a rocking chair on a front porch or an armchair in wood-paneled library, this one is for relaxing.

Eufros Tallow Shaving Soap & Aftershave Balm, Zanzibar - Zanzibar is one of his newest scents. This combination of myrrh, vanilla, grapefruit, benzoin, cinnamon & patchouli will have you imagining a market stall in Zanizibar's Stone Town. This exotic combination will invigorate your morning routine.

Photos from instagram #eufros

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