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15% Off $125+ • 10% Off $75+ • 8% Off $50 +
New Release: Exclusive Limited Edition Butterscotch Simpson Shaving Brush-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Exclusive Limited Edition Butterscotch Simpson Shaving Brush

Simpson has been leading the pack of shaving brushes makers for nearly a century. They have survived competition, re-location, and WWII to bring you these exceptional shaving utensils -- still painstakingly made by hand. They have stood the test of time to create a loyal following. Simpson brushes can be found in wet shaving dens around the world.

And if you don't already have one, boy, do we have a sweet option for you. We are delighted to be the exclusive carrier of this limited edition Butterscotch Duke 3 Shaving Brush. Simpson brushes are always creating buzz and the Duke 3 is right up there. In fact, this handle might be the most recognized brush in the world. Although often seen in faux ivory, we get to offer it in Simpson's Butterscotch.

These knots are hand-tied in Isle of Man, where they are being produced in the same time-honored tradition that they have been for generations. The dense knot is tied in Best Badger hair. This natural fiber is a great middle of the line option. Economical enough for the new convert, yet with all the benefits of badger hair: great water retention, good backbone, nice face feel. 


Get your Simpson Limited Edition Duke 3 'Butterscotch' Best Badger Shaving Brush today for $115.80. 

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