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New Release: Karve Shaving Co. Razors-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Karve Shaving Co. Razors

Chris Kirchen is the artisan behind Karve Shaving Co. Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, he is producing exceptional brass safety razors that are catching the imagination of wet shavers around the world. These beautiful instruments are heirloom quality and provide an exceptionally smooth shave.

For Chris, the world of wet shaving wasn’t quite the hard fall that many others experience. It was more of a gradual deepening of affection. “I’d been interested in wet shaving for a long time before I actually got into it.  The barrier was a combination of lack of knowledge and procrastination,” said Chris. But with the help of a friend and a random DE razor on a “Cool Things to Buy” site, Chris began the slide into wet shaving. His friend, Brad, sent him a care package of classic shaving goodies. “I was hooked the first time I smelled the soap…the scent reminded me of watching my dad shave when I was a kid,” said Chris. “I guess I always knew that I would end up making razors, especially after that first shave, so I started designing the Christopher Bradley razor in early 2017 and spent my spare time developing it until it was ready in November.”

Chris is a professional engineer and self-taught machinist who runs Karve Machine. Karve Shaving is part of that. “Karve Machine is a job shop and has been since the beginning.  For years, I wanted to make my own product, something that I could control and pour my heart into, rather than being tied to other people’s one-offs and prototypes,” said Chris. “Looking back, Karve Shaving was a natural step.  I’ve made some neat stuff over the years at Karve Machine, but the artistic component wasn’t there, and I wasn’t having that need satisfied.” And Chris satisfying that need translates into a phenomenal product for the rest of us.

The Christopher Bradley razor is noteworthy. This double edge safety razor is consistently exceptional. In particular, the different guards allow you to tailor your experience to your style, hair type, growth. But regardless of the choice of head, none of the plates are harsh; they are designed for smooth but efficient shaves.  “I am also very meticulous about what passes inspection and what doesn’t.  If anything falls short, the part goes straight into the scrap bin (the orange bucket of fail) and gets recycled.  I want every customer that buys a razor to get 100% quality because I know that’s what I would want,” said Chris.

We love to highlight these amazing artisans who are finding inspiration in the wet shaving world. And we love to support and value people making great products. “I just absolutely love that wet shaving is such a friendly community!  I was completely blown away with how much camaraderie and support there is!!!  It’s also really opened my eyes to the importance of hanging out with groups of people that have similar interests as your own…not just for a good time, but because of the things that you can create out of such a positive environment,” said Chris.

Choose from different handle lengths and different base plates to create your perfect shave.

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Ned Leonard - January 17, 2019

My experience of wet shaving began with a decision to get shut of the Noxema aerosol lather I’d used for 40 years. The Art of Shaving pre-shave oil and shaving cream were a revelation when coupled with their least-expensive badger brush and my eventual shift to Harry’s initial orange-handled cartridge razor and blade subscription plan. I upgraded to a silvertip brush and cruised along until I discovered WCS in replacing my brush five or six years later, and a decision to dive-in with the purchase of their top-rated Merkur 34C coupled with Merkur blades. A totally satisfying shave remained elusive, but I was closer than ever and with significantly less irritation. I thought with the shift to Feather blades I’d achieved Nirvana, but it turns out I only was knock knock knockin’ on Heaven’s door. The Karve Christopher Bradley restock promotion intrigued me. The online extolling of this mighty razor convinced me to order one. I consulted with Abraham at WCS and he recommended I order it with the D baseplate to achieve the slightly more aggressive shave experience I’d convinced myself was the ticket. My Karve CB arrived, I loaded a Feather and thought, “Uh oh, I’ve overreached and over-estimated my abilities,” after two rough shaves. I went back to my Merkur and ordered the CB’s C plate, but Abraham at WCS counseled it likely was my use of the aggressive blade that was the problem and advised I try other blades before the C plate arrived. A week with Gillette Platinum Plus blades has delivered the best shaves of my 68-year life! The Karve Christopher Bradley is a nearly intuitive instrument: merely guide it, it’s heft wil do the work, it’s precision engineering will achieve the requisite blade angle of attack practically without thinking. I haven’t broken out the C plate and am mulling it’s return. I’ll experiment with other WCS-recommended blade pairings, but I’ve stumbled upon a terrific shaving tool. My quest for a joy-filled shaving ritual must be nearly complete; only the perfect blade pairing remains. Many thanks WCS and Karve. What a terrific, handsome, aesthetically pleasing safety razor.

Jason - October 31, 2018

Love my CB from Chris with the F-plate! Buttery smooth with Kai SS blades :)

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