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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15
New Release: Local Gent Shaving Co.-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Local Gent Shaving Co.

When you are looking to “live manlier, friends”, then we’ve got a guy for that. Check out Local Gent Shaving Co. out of Riverside, CA. Since 2012, Robb and Jennifer Phillips have been crafting wet shaving products for all their local friends. . . and a few around the world.

Robb got started in the biz with a desire to kick the cartridge to the curb. “I got started in wet shaving just like a lot of other local gents did. I had the intention of saving money by getting away from over-priced cartridge razors. That’s what began my long journey into the wet shaving world. I spent a lot of time hunting in antique shops and flea markets picking up a few vintage razors here and there. I still use many of them today. I got myself a cheap boar brush and soap kit to get me started and I was off! My first wet shaving set-up was frustrating to say the least, but in the end I got a really close shave, and I was hooked on the process. Before that, I hated to shave. That was all replaced by a more enjoyable and relaxing way to achieve a better shave. I was hooked,” said Robb.

After spending some time flipping those antique DE and straight razors that he found in flea markets and shops, Robb got the soap making itch. “I noticed a lack of good quality, locally made shaving soap and I started to experiment with soaping. Soon, I made my own soap base to add as samples with my razor sales. I was getting requests from my customers on how they could buy just the soaps and that’s when Local Gent was born in 2012.  I started my small business out of our home in Riverside, CA. Finding success with the soap, I began to expand into other areas of wet shaving and created a whole line of artisan wet shaving products with the mission of providing high-quality, handmade in the USA shaving supplies at an affordable price,” said Robb. Robb also enjoys crafting unique and beautiful shaving brushes.

Local Gent Shaving Co. is unique in their soapmaking. “We tend to modify soap base formulas to have a unique profile that complements the theme and scent for each one our soaps. We want to create an overall experience for the wet shaver through not only scent, but through ingredients and the benefits of those ingredients. Although modifying the soap base for specific soaps can be costly and time-consuming, we feel that the experience the shaver gets from each soap is worth it to produce a fun and unparalleled shaving experience with each one of our products,” said Robb. So, you might notice they we have selected a soap base in our exclusive scent with Local Gent’s that contains beer!  Why include the local craft beer in your soap? Because it works, that’s why. “Where we source ingredients is also very important to us. This is why we take the time to source locally and certified organic whenever possible. We believe our thirsty soap bases are among the best on the market to date,” said Robb.

We hope you will enjoy some Good Vibrations with this exclusive scent just for West Coast Shaving. Try the beer + tallow shaving soap and matching aftershave.

This Good Vibrations scent was developed exclusively for West Coast Shaving. So, what better fragrance for a southern California company than the smell of summer. Notes of neroli, blood orange, and bergamot will have you imagining the orange groves as your playground. Then a base of chypre and oak moss ground the aroma in new growth. Summertime vibes in a bottle.   

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