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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15
New Release: Noble Otter-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Noble Otter

Noble Otter is Cody Wick and his wife. And they are creating some of the newest items we have on our shelves. We are excited to support this small business as they get off the ground. Inspired by their own favorites and vetted by wet shavers around the country, they officially launched in July 2017.

They began making bath soap years ago and soon branched out to include shaving soaps and aftershaves. “I got into wet shaving and after some time decided to make my own shaving soaps. Sent out a bunch of samples to people and now we are here,” said Cody. With a soap recipe that passed muster with hoards, the Wicks set out to create scents that appealed to them. So, you will find hints of Cody’s rural upbringing – farms, small town barbershops – as well as geographic locations – Pacific Northwest, Texas (coming soon?). “Our inspirations are mainly built around our own personal experiences,” said Cody. But they are scents that others resonant with as well. All the soaps can be paired with a matching aftershave for a complete experience.

Noble Otter labeling has a whimsical, fantastical appeal. Cody was inspired a childhood memory of reading the “Redwall” series (a collection of fantasy stories about a land of talking animals). These animals feature on the labels and tell the story of the scent. “I wanted the art on our labels to match our scents. To bring the scent to life through the art,” said Cody. And they want to help you tell your story, too, through a variety of unique aromas. "It’s important to us that you look your best, however it is you want to define that word. Our goal is to create various products so that we can appeal to a wide variety of men," said Cody. "Be the man you were meant to be."

So what story are the scents telling?

BarrBarr - This scent is inspired by Cody's memories of his grandpa's small-town barbershop. Back in the day when storefronts lined Main St, you could find a striped pole and a gathering of men discussing everything from the weather to sports to politics. This powdery aroma has notes of oakmoss, rosemary, and even a hint of lemon.


Nectar Amissa - Inspired by a pleasure-loving satyr romping through the woods, Noble Otter made this soap as an offering to wet shavers on the reddit community. A "lost nectar" aroma, it leads with notes of black tea and rose absolute and then gives way to hints of cypress, fir, geranium, patchouli and bergamot. Embrace the oasis of a great shave with Nectar Amissa.


Northern Elixir - This scent is Noble Otter's menthol offering -- and it doesn't disappoint. A perfect cooling soap, it is a great way to chill have a hard, hot day. Or to wake you up in the morning. Like shaving with a cough drop, some have said.


The Trail - You don't have to be Lewis or Clark to enjoy the scents of hiking a trail in the Pacific Northwest, just grab a tub of this shaving soap. Essentials oils from this region of the US and Canada, we gleaned to bring you the experience of walk in the Oregon wilderness. Pine, fir, sage, lavender, oakmoss, juniper reach out to say "forest". There is also a bit of pine tar for smokiness and a hint of rain. Revel in the outdoors!


Flying Hide - Flying Hide plays to Cody's small-town roots. Growing up in a farming community meant corn fields, FFA (Future Farmers of America) and horses. Those inspirations combine in this leathery, masculine scent. Front heavy leather gives way to notes of smokey cedar, tobacco, bay, and bergamot.


Bare - This scent is perfect for those looking for a BBS shave without all the frills. Just a good, clean aroma, this Noble Otter grooming requisite has no added fragrance. It is great for those with allergies and sensitives, as well as those who want to choose a cologne or fragrance of their own.

Photos from @noble_otter on Instagram and Noble Otter facebook

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