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2 Day Sale: 15% Off On All TOBS Products!
New Release: Oleo Soapworks-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Oleo Soapworks

Say "hello" to Oleo Soapworks. West Coast Shaving is pleased to carry this amazing line of shaving soaps, balms, and splashes with a wide variety of scents – right from the heartland of the USA. WCS is the first online US retailer to have these products.

Vida Perez-Velazquez is the founder (and hands) of the handmade, small batch grooming requisites coming out of Oleo.  Like many in the wet shaving world, Vida was inspired to try her hand at soap-making because of persistent skin issues that were only exacerbated by commercial soaps and moisturizers. “I sought out handmade soap with good results and then set out to make something better with ingredients that loved. Thousands of hours, hundreds of Youtube videos and many many batches later I had a bar soap recipe with which I was very happy,” said Vida.

At the behest of friends and family who loved her creations, Vida soft launched a business in February 2016, taking the name Oleo. “Oleo is a very basic term for oils but I took the word from the Bible (yep, church kid here),” said Vida. The website formally launched in July 2016 and continues to grow. Initially, she focused on bar soap, until her new-to-wet-shaving husband asked her to make a “man soap” for shaving. She offered her vegan soap in 2017 and a little later that year her duck fat soap with even better performance and post shave feel. “Everyone likes exotic things (I make a duck fat soap, myself) but using well known ingredients like Coconut oil, Cocoa and Shea butters that are known for the skin loving properties is where I am most comfortable.  I’m passionate about making products that are good to your skin.”

And that translates into exceptional shaving, too. Her soaps, balms, and splashes are getting great buzz in cyberspace. “In the world of wet-shaving the standard of comparison is how well shaving soaps with tallow perform,” said Vida. “However, I have often been asked if I was sure it had no tallow because of how it performed and the post shave feel. Being able to do a 3 pass shave, rinse and not feel like you have to add a post shave product — for wet-shavers this is supremely important.” Her Canard base is her duck fat formula but not beef tallow. It is a thirsty soap that loves a little extra water. (But she is testing a beef tallow soap – maybe something new in 2018?)


In addition to a fabulous performance, her products have a plethora of scents! Check them out – from New City to Windy City (an homage to their base in the Chicagoland area) so many great aromas to try out.

Get your favorite scent for under $20 a tub. Most scents come in a matching aftershave or balm.  

Photos from instagram at #oleosoapworks and Kevin Cortez at WCS

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