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New Release: Shaver Heaven-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Shaver Heaven

 We are really geeked about this one!! Shaver Heaven is BACK – and we’ve got it!! Yep, Anthony out of Melbourne, Australia is returning from his haitus and we are so excited to get his product on our shelves. Although he started back in 2014, he took a year and half off. “We only recently made the decision to come back due to the messages, emails, and people writing about us in the shave groups and forums. We developed kind of a "cult following" where everyone had heard of our soaps but were unable to get their hands on some,” said Anthony. But now you can.


Who is Shaver Heaven? Artisan soap maker, Anthony Macri, is the artist behind the craft. Born in Australia but with Italian roots, he got interested in soap making as he got more involved in wet shaving. “I have always been a "creative" kind of person, and one day got interested in soap making,” he said. “When I started venturing into soap making, I started off making body soaps. I told myself as soon as I nailed it, I would focus my efforts on developing a shave soap.” Through trail-and-error, process changes, and a serendipitous meeting with another local wet shaver, Anthony was able to send out some samples for feedback. They were almost an overnight sensation. “I woke to messages and emails asking me where people could purchase my soaps and from there "Shaver Heaven" was born.”

So what makes Shaver Heaven so special? Well, they (Anthony and his wife) design everything in-house  – labels (designed, printed, cut, applied), weighing, filling, sealing the lids. Nothing is mass produced, so even the small imperfections let you know the small scale, personal touch. But in-house also means that they can make rapid changes and try whims of fancy. “Having everything made in-house also means I can come up with an idea and have it online within 24 hours. Something that would not be possible if we were outsourcing things such as labels. In this sense, I am unrestricted with what I can come up with,” said Anthony. They purchase all their tubs and ingredients locally to support other Australian businesses.

But what really sets them apart is performance, even with a basic ingredients list. “Yes, the ingredient list is quite basic, but we constantly see feedback on YouTube Forums of how impressive our soap performance is given the ingredient list. But this all comes down to the soap making "process" which I use. It's top secret so I can't go into much detail, but I don't think there is anyone out there that uses the same method as we do!” said Anthony. The proof is in the lather! And we’re confident you’ll be amazed too. 

We are carrying a number of throw-back scents (circa 2014-2016) has they determine what their final permanent offerings will look like. So, grab these today, as they might not last!

Almond MilkWhen you hear about soaps being "good enough to eat", this one belongs on that list. The classic note of almond is combined with cherry to evoke images of crumby desserts, crumbles, pastries. Whip this one up and fill your den with a sweet, delectable aroma.

Arctic Mango - When the dog days of summer have you sweltering, reach for this arctic mango. Notes of bright citrus combine with sweet peach and mango to scratch your tropical itch but the added menthol is sure to bring relief from the heat. (While the menthol is not overwhelming, please keep in mind it does impart a "minty" scent to the soap and needs to be kept away from eyes or other sensitive spots.)

BarbershopTheir scents are turning heads as well. Try out their take on barbershop. Both bright and deep, this masculine aroma is a complex blend of bergamot, lemon, and mint in the top. And then middle notes of sandalwood and lavender laid on a base of amber, musk, and cedarwood. Take this one into your day and everyone will think you just left the barber chair.    

Citrus Garden - This bright scent will provide a pick-me-up anytime of day. Like a walk in a garden of fruit trees in bloom, you get notes of citrus (grapefruit, lemon, lime). Then middle notes of pineapple, jasmine, and cucumber chime in. Finally a base of sweet blackberry rounds out this fruity aroma. Some have described it as tangy and sherbet-like. 

Fourgere Forbidden ForestA fougere is a perfume classification for green, fern-like scents. This modern take on a fougere is what put Shaver Heaven on the map back in 2014. And it is still just as popular today. Notes of lemon and mandarin combine with middle notes of lavender on a base of green, earthy vetiver. 

Honey Ale - Every wanted to shave with your beer? (Not shave with your beer bottle awaiting a sip, but actually SHAVE with your beer.) No? Well, you might rethink that with this unique aroma from Shaver Heaven. Notes of  apple, strawberry, and citrus lend a sweet, bright start. Then honey & amber middle notes sit on a base of vanilla and beer. (Don't let that put you off. The scent is divine!)

Hubba HubbaSandlot baseball, drinking from a hose, carefree summer days. If these image remind you of your childhood then grape bubblegum is probably the scent of those memories. For lovers of grape flavored products, this shaving soap blends top notes of grape & port with middle notes of vanilla & cinnamon on a base of raspberry, clove, & dirt. This one is for the kid in all of us.

Sandalwood - This is a classic, masculine aroma. Sandalwood takes in the lead in this exotic, much loved fragrance but it is supported by the sweet, comforting familiarity of vanilla. You can't go wrong with a scent like this. 

Seductive RoseShaver Heaven describes this as a true light rose scent straight up! As a solo note, rose can be intoxicating and heady. But don't think of this as a feminine scent; rose is a traditional men's grooming aroma. Give it a try.

Spiced Mahogany - This deep, rich fragrance is a complex aroma. Notes of apple & Italian bergamot lead the way with rich, warm mid notes of vanilla, bourbon, & patchouli. The base notes of oakmoss & cedarwood complete the woody scent. Great for fan of deep, earthy, woody aromas.

Summer BreezeAlthough billed as summer breeze, this is a great scent all year round. Notes of melon predominate but cucumber, chamomile, and vanilla all play a role in this bright, clean, refreshing fragrance. Like a light breeze during the heat of the day, this is an always welcome aroma.

Sweet Meyer Lemon - Sweet Meyer Lemon's provide the fragrance to this soap. And when they are ripe, they provide the lemons for many a child's lemonade stand.  When you need a citrus pick-me-up, grab this soap and lather away. 

Sweet PlumThis Sweet Plum aroma takes notes of fruit and floral and lays it all on a base of black tea. If you love a cup of herbal tea, then lather this one up. Top notes of herb, white tea, plum, honeydew melon on mid notes of quince apple, lily of the valley, and chamomile. All laid on a base of black tea. Destined to be a favorite for many.

The Lodge - Like the name implies, this is the aroma that surrounds your mountain get-away as you relax on your porch after a day of chopping wood and hiking. Notes of cedar and fresh cut wood rest on a dirty, earthy middle note with a hint of vanilla. All laid on a base of musk. Masculine, hard-working, this is a bold scent.


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