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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
New Release: Talbot Soaps-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Talbot Soaps

West Coast Shaving is pleased to announce our partnership with Talbot Shaving. What started as a creative outlet for stay-at-home dad Chad to join his passions of wet shaving and the outdoors has become a hobby that gives great joy to others as well.

As Chad says, "Talbot Shaving is not a full time soap company. That is a choice and by design." His first priority is raising his four daughters. Then, when he has quiet moments in the evenings, he likes to make soap. "When I sat with an idea and a pen, I knew I would never want to be full time at this, like some of the artisan friends who make wet shaving products. I will always encourage you to buy from them instead." However, if you like what Chad is doing, you can jump into the Talbot experience. "I'm a hobbyist and intend to remain that way. The jars are narrow. Labels might be off center. Imperfections abound. And that speaks to the nature of the brand. Nature is imperfect, and in its imperfect state, it can be beautiful."

Speaking of nature, much of Chad's work is inspired by the outdoors. His family loves to get out and experience all the world can offer. But they see the open spaces around them disappearing. So, they donate from each sale to Trust for Public Land. "They are dedicated to ensuring our children and their children will have a place to play and be in nature. I feel being outdoors is essential and everyone deserves the opportunity to have that experience." 

Chad's hope is that your interaction with his product is an experience: from the label to the logo to the scent to the product. Each scent seeks to recreate an experience; something that triggers a memory, thought, or emotion. "Everyone’s story will be different. My goal is for you to create your own experience with the product. It may take you to a place that you hold dear, or remind you of something you haven’t thought about in years. There is no better compliment than when someone tells me their story. That is the intent of Talbot Shaving."

Check out Talbot Shaving today!

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