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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!

New Release: The Artisan Soap Shoppe

The Artisan Soap Shoppe is a family-owned, hand crafted soap and skincare company. But what does that really mean, you might be asking. Well, we asked too, because we really love the products coming out of Jenny’s kitchen in Springfield, MO. “My passion is doing something what I love and being able to pass down the memories to my own children,” said Jenny.


Jenny Peck is the artisan in The Artisan Soap Shoppe. And while many artisans we’ve encountered were driven to soap making by sensitive skin, shaving woos, and chemical aversions, Jenny has a different story. Jenny said, “I started making soap when I was just a kid. Actually, my grandmother made her own and taught me. Every year for Christmas, we would make bar soap for all of our family and friends to give as gifts.” (Don’t ya just love the many ways that this classic shaving and soap making gets passed down through the generations.) Jenny was making soap before the current resurgence of wet shaving. Jenny said, “As I had children of my own I started to make my own soaps for them. Then my husband discovered Wet Shaving and asked if I could start making shave soaps for him. It was a LONG process, lol. Many failed batches later I finally got it down and was happy that I could do it with as simple ingredients as possible. And have it be truly awesome!”

From soaps to spalshes to bowls, we are excited to be carrying these products from The Artisan Soap Shoppe. We are introducing 1 exclusive scent and launching 9 others in splash, moisturizer, soap, & soap/splash set.

RivalThis scent is exclusive to West Coast Shaving. Notes of citrus, sandalwood, black currant, musk, & vetiver create a masculine aroma. Earthy and exotic with hints of fruit and musk, we think you will love this complex scent.


Barbershop – This bestselling fragrance is TASS take on a classic barbershop. And she certainly kept it classy. Traditional notes of Italian bergamot, basil leaf, and oakmoss joined with a light patchouli for a crisp, clean aroma. As fresh as popping out of the main street barber’s leather chair and passing by the newspaper strewn waiting area to the red-and-white striped pole as you exit.

Crisp Vetiver – If you like the scent of the outdoors, you will love this one. The earthy notes of vetiver take the lead in this masculine fragrance. A bright citrus top note gives way to the heart of vetiver and then a base of sandalwood rounds out this aroma.

Humidor – This scent will put you in mind of a cigar seller’s shop. A cedar-lined room with cubans stacking the walls is the inspiration for this aroma. Spanish cedar and sweet tobacco are the notes for this Humidor fragrance. Every time you lift the lid, you can be transported.

Agave – The Agave plant, grown in Mexico, produces two products known to the wider world -agave sweetener and tequila. But now it also lends its name to this aroma which focuses more on the cactus-like plant than its more well-known exports. Notes of dark cucumber blend with cedarwood for a masculine, outdoorsy scent.

Fall for Him – This one is for the ladies. Yep, worn by a man but certainly for those getting close to him. The masculine aroma has the magnetic notes of vetiver, cedarwood, clove, smoke, amber, and oud-wood. When she is looking for a “man’s man”, this is what he smells like.



Lime Mint – This lime mint aroma is a best seller for TASS. Notes of light, fresh mint combine with bright lime to create the perfect ‘pick-me-up’ fragrance. Hmmmm, anyone else suddenly craving a Mojito?


Bay Rum - The aroma of pirates and princes, this scent is sure to turn heads.This take on classic bay rum uses notes of crisp bay leaves and orange zest for an aroma that is light enough to pair with other fragrances. Not to musky, just mild and masculine.

Red Woods - This scent is inspired by the old growth trees along the California coastline. These giants are inspiring by their size and their scent. Notes of earthy cedar and warm saffron bring a masculine twist to this aroma.

Black Market - The one a little shadowy, a little shady, a little dark. Black Market is floral aroma with a masculine twist - an air of legitimacy with a dark side. Take a chance on this calming blend.  

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