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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!
Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!
New Release: Timeless Razors-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Timeless Razors

Timeless Razors was started by a father and his 4 sons. Machinists by trade, they saw the need for razors that would last for generations, unlike the cheap, low end and plastic disposables on the market today. They specialized in high quality injection molded plastic parts and all kinds of CNC machined metals. They took the knowledge to the razor game. The double-edge razor that they created met with rave reviews from wet shavers, as it gives a fantastic shave - time after time. “At Timeless Razor we understand that going cheap and taking shortcuts is not always the best way to go.  That is why we only use high quality materials and precision machining methods to produce the best razors possible.” 

The brothers, Matt, Doug, Mark, and Nick pool their talents to design, create, and market these exceptional shaving utensils. We are carrying their titanium razor sold complete or by piece (handle, base plate, cap). This beautiful tool is lightweight and durable with a matte finish.

And their complete bronze razor which is fully CNC machined. The Bronze razor is truly timeless, as it just gets better with age and develops a lovely patina.

We are also carrying a number of stainless steel razor parts, which are completely compatible with the bronze and titanium razors. Check out their mild or medium blade gap base plates so you can get a more or less aggressive shave.

 We’re so excited to be carrying these luxury items. Check them out today and find room for it in your shaving den.

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