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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15
New Release: Uncle Jon’s Soap-West Coast Shaving

New Release: Uncle Jon’s Soap

Downtown in the historic center of Berlin, Maryland, you are likely to find Uncle Jon whipping up a batch of soap, filling an order, or chatting up customers about natural soap and wet shaving. Uncle Jon’s Soap started as a vision to rid his family’s daily life of the harsh chemicals that surrounded them. Like many his trial-and-error journey led to an understanding of how harmful and unnecessary so many of those nasties were. Their new natural lifestyle yielded both physical AND financial benefits and friends began to urge them to share their new-found knowledge. . . and soap!

Uncle Jon’s was born. They make their soap completely from scratch in a “cold process” recipe that allows them to control their small batches to yield high-quality soaps. We love that his products are so natural and mild that they can be used for multiple purposes. As he says, “With a single bar of soap you could wash yourself, wash your kid, wash the dishes, wash your car, wash your hair, or wash the dog.” Loaded with coconut oil, shea butter, and tallow, the shaving soap is formulated to whip up a thick, rich lather to protect you face.

We are carrying 5 scents of matching aftershave and soap. And an exclusive scent created just for WCS.

WCS Exclusive, Quiet Storm - This is a scent developed exclusively for West Coast Shaving. This one is deep and bold (like our customers, wink, wink). Notes of tobacco & tobacco flower blend with a sharp gun metal and vetiver, and then rounded out with oakmoss and patchouli. 

Cucumber Melon - Cucumber Melon is a light, fruity scent that is good for any day of the week. Such a versatile scent can be worn by men or women, day or night, summer or winter. A fragrance like this is the perfect anchor for your shaving den – you will find yourself reaching for it again and again.

Fresh Roast - Ahhhhhh, inhale that fragrant, gift-from-the-morning-gods aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Eyes all over the world pop open to this scent. Now, you can get it in your morning shave. Let the scent of Fresh Roast give you a morning pick-me-up, like your don’t-talk-to-me-until-I’ve-had-a-sip first cup of joe.

Lime - This single note scent delivers what it promises. Grab this lime aroma if you are a citrus lover, or a secret-umbrella-drink drinker, or a Caribbean-cruise taker, or a butt-in-the-sand lounger. This one will take you on a tropical contact high – with just lime.

I Don’t Always Shave - This is a meme-worthy scent for a real man, a well-groomed man, a James Bond man. When you want the scent that says masculine appeal, this is it. Notes of tobacco leaf, tobacco blossom, cognac, and sandalwood scream sophistication, and a hint of leather rounds out this bold aroma. “I Don’t Always Shave. . .” but when I do “I Don’t Always Shave.

Pipe Smoke - Grab this scent when the cold, dark days of winter are upon you. Pipe Smoke is a robust aroma with notes of caramel pipe tobacco and vanilla. It is comfort and luxury in a warm, spicy scent. Get the best of smoking without having to inhale (wink, wink).

Photos from @unclejonssoap on instagram

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