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New Release: West Coast Shaving Brushes with Deranged Donkey & TurnNShave-West Coast Shaving

New Release: West Coast Shaving Brushes with Deranged Donkey & TurnNShave

Our newest line of shaving brushes here at West Coast Shaving might just be our most ambitious yet. A collaboration with several top-of-the-line artisans, these grooming requisites are creative, unique, lather monsters. The idea for these shaving brushes handles was inspired by the amazing work done by Deranged Donkey and combined with the phenomenal turning and knots coming from TurnNShave.

Deranged Donkey has an almost cult-like following for his resin and wood blocks. Here at West Coast Shaving, we were enamored with these blocks. (One member of our team finally joined instagram just for these beautiful blanks, so he says.) We were stunned by the wildly colorful designs and then disappointed to learn we couldn't readily buy his designs as shave brush handles. They're just incredible in our humble opinion.

This Bay Area artist has developed a method of crafting blocks of wood and resin in colorful and unexpected designs. His “pourcasso” process involves putting maple burl into a form, covering it with a low viscosity resin, and placing it in a vacuum. As the air is removed, the resin is “pulled” into the wood to achieve the unique look. The resulting blocks are a work of art, perfect as a paper weight or book end. But wait, we’re looking for shaving brush handles. We wondered if this material could be turned. So, we “turned” to Turn ‘N Shave.

This artisan is making waves in the wet shaving community. TurnNShave has enjoyed a meteoric rise among wet shave enthusiasts. His designs, knot selection, handle shapes and value consistently impress. We selected two different synthetic knots – both offering a high contrast to the Deranged Donkey blanks. The majority are 28mm with superior splay, ultra-soft tips, and luxurious fiber density. The second knot is 26mm in TurnNShave’s white “ghost” knot. Although slightly smaller, it still boasts excellent splay and face feel, but it’s stiffer fibers might be preferred by those who like a firm backbone.  Our team owns several of his brushes and knew his work would do justice to the prized Deranged blanks.

We’re delighted to bring you these exceptional brushes from phenomenal artisans, made right here in the USA.

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