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Night Out Curation-West Coast Shaving

Night Out Curation

You’re never fully dressed without . . . a signature scent! When you’re looking to paint the town, kick up your heels, let down your hair, let off some steam, raise the roof, or just simply live it up, here are a few memorable aromas and products to make your night fantastic.  

Imaginary Authors, Slow Explosions:

As with all of Josh Meyers’ fragrances, Slow Explosion tells a story. Slow Explosions tells the tale of a Gwen K. Vroomen, who quit her job and celebrated Hindu New Year in the Hills of Gerala. High in a tea garden, she could look upon the magnificent red fireworks, whilst reminiscing over the night markets, river floats, and moped rides from her foreign adventure. Peppery, sultry saffron peels back to reveal a complex, heady base of rose absolute, smoky leather, warm apple, benzoin, cashmeran, and Arpora Night Market. Apple dominates the initial spray, while leather and rose absolute take main stage on the dry down, making this perfect for a crazy or laid back night out.

Barrister and Mann Aftershave, Sinfonia:

No one can flip your grooming routine on its head like Barrister and Mann. Each scent provokes a feeling that you never knew you had, crafts a complex olfaction you never knew could exist. For those who are familiar with the “King of Uncommon Scents”, Sinfonia may take you aback. With notes of Jasmine and pear, Sinfonia presents as the second movement of a pleasant symphony; quiet, lyrical, introspective and evocative. Floral, “green” jasmine combines with airy, earthy, and sweet pear for a brilliantly simple aroma that brings your shave into a world of slow motion relaxation, like a long walk on a sunset beach. But not nearly so cliche.

Wholly Kaw Shaving Soap, Merchant of Tobacco:

As with all Wholly Kaw scents, Sri’s “Merchant of Tobacco” is a well-blended masterpiece of scents, boasting notes of tobacco, oud, bourbon, black pepper, vanilla, Peru Balsam, Honey, and bitter cocoa. Cocoa, balsam and vanilla are the most present notes throughout the shave, making this a predominantly “gourmand” scent. Bourbon, pipe tobacco and oud, however, lay an ominous, smoky and woody foundation upon which this dessert fragrance rests and adds a mature layer to an otherwise playful scent. Donkey milk, and cocoa and shea butters give this soap some of the topmost levels of slickness, density, and post-shave feel that a soap could possibly yield. Whether your week ends with a smoke and a shot with your buds or a shared dessert with your significant other, this one will pair well. Shave away.

D.R. Harris Eau De Toilette, Windsor:

In my opinion, Windsor is among the most “gentlemanly” scents I have had the pleasure of smelling. Orange, bergamot, black pepper, amber, patchouli, cedarwood, vanilla and vetiver seemingly caught and concentrated straight from the coattails of an 18th Century English barrister. If you’re sporting a clean-cut jaw, a handlebar mustache and handmade, Italian leather shoes, then Windsor should be in your arsenal. It conjures feelings of admiration, respect, and desire from your special someone; guaranteed.

Czech & Speake, Oxford and Cambridge Cologne:

Most may not be aware that lavender fragrance was originally intended for men. While many a women’s perfume has utilized this distinguished member of the mint family, that is not what you get from Czech & Speake’s Oxford and Cambridge fragrance. Bergamot, Pepper, Rosemary, English and French Lavenders, and oakmoss create a warm, masculine lavender that is deep, classy, mossy, woody, and is intended for the man who knows what he wants.

Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette:

Penhaligon’s is one of the finest examples of a refined English fragrance house. Concocting elegant, unique scents since the late 1800’s, Penhaligon’s has a leg up over most other Olfactory Entrepreneurs. Juniper Sling is one of the house’s most renowned scents; an exquisite blend of cinnamon, orange, brandy, angelica, juniper berry, cardamom, leather, black pepper, Orris wood, brown sugar, black cherry, vetiver and ambrox. Simply put, this is the smell of a fine gin infused with dark berry and citrus rind, making this perfectly suit for a night out.

Chatillon Lux Aftershave, Unconditional Surrender:


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