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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Oily, dry and acne-prone skin be gone with Proderma!-West Coast Shaving

Oily, dry and acne-prone skin be gone with Proderma!

“Sixty Years on, and Still Going Strong.” At least, we’re pretty sure that’s what Proderma’s slogan reads - technically, it’s in German, so we’re working with a language barrier here. Fortunately, language makes absolutely no difference when it comes to the performance of a product, and the excellence of Proderma speaks loud and clear.

Why we’re featuring it:

We’ve never gone in for the idea that expensive European stuff is automatically any better than your average drugstore skin care line. Too many times, we’ve been taken in by a sleek label, a multi-lingual ingredients list and an “international man of mystery” air that falls flat once we shell out the Euros and try it for ourselves. But Proderma’s a different story - as enduring, precise, and rarefied as the Austrian alps where the company was born more than half a century ago. We wanted to be sure to get the word out: in this case, it’s worth looking beyond the price tag to the real value of the product inside.

Why we like it:

Language barrier or not, we don’t need Google Translate to tell us that “Proderma” means “for skin.” This stuff isn’t just “for skin” in the sense that it’s something you slap on instead of, say, eating it or using it to shine your shoes. It’s “for skin” as in “pro skin,” as in, it’s got your back and it wants the best for your complexion. Ever since the company was founded, they’ve been paying attention to their formulas and strictly limiting their ingredients only to all-natural items, no artificial colors or emulsifiers or oily silicons. They treat skin care like an exact science, and it shows. For problematic pores - come on, you know what we’re talking about - there’s nothing better out there. Acne, older skin, age lines, dryness, they’re all taken care of by the medicinal formulations perfected by Proderma...and without a harsh medicinal smell, which we consider a real bonus.

Who this is for:

Anybody who’s plagued by oiliness, over-drying, aging skin or acne will bless the Austrian ingenuity that brought Proderma to these shores.

Who this is not for:

If you’re looking for a complete line of skin care, from pre-shave to cologne, Proderma may not offer enough of a range of products to suit you. Also, this is some pretty hefty skin care - so if you don’t need the more medicinal properties, you can probably find your perfect product elsewhere.

You need this:

  • PRIMALAN Finest Almond Oil Lotion: Free from all the nasties that you tend to find in drugstore products, this is just a wonderfully clean and natural everyday lotion for your face and skin that leaves no greasy residue. 
  • DOLERMA Antiseptic Care Lotion: If you have irritable, sensitive, or acne-prone skin, this all-natural, grease-free lotion is for you. Its antibacterial formula protects and restores your skin.
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