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Inauguration Day Sale! 10% Off Our Top 46 Products!

Old Meets New With Edwin Jagger's New DE Safety Razors

Are you looking for something new? Are you looking for something old? At West Coast Shaving, we think you'll find the best of both worlds. and safety razors seem to be something of the past, something you would find on a shelf in grandpa's medicine cabinet. However, they are making a huge come-back. People are realizing that there's really something to those "old-fashioned" tools and processes that makes for a closer shave and a better experience all around. Grandpa's safety razor has stood the test of time; and here at West Coast Shaving, we provide a plethora of products that possess that "old-fashioned" quality, charm, and usefulness. What's old has become new once again.
I recently stumbled across a product, a safety razor that came to us from Edwin Jagger, and it possesses a new innovation that I think will absolutely delight all of you old wet-shaving enthusiasts. There's something new on something old here. I am convinced that this is really going to CATCH on. I HANDLE a lot of products each day here at West Coast Shaving, and this item really CAUGHT my eye and HELD my attention. This will be my next safety razor purchase. BEHOLD (literally) the Edwin Jagger 'Extra Grip' Handle DE Safety Razor! (It comes in elegant chrome, black and ivory variety). At first glance, some of these razors (the black and Ivory) do not look like they actually have a rubber coated handle, but wait until you touch it and hold it in your palm—it just feels natural. Practicality meets beauty here. To me, the rubber handle felt better than the usual cold chrome handle of your typical safety razor.

We all expect a beautifully crafted safety razor to come from Edwin Jagger, they have been serving up those classic shaves for years. But now, you don't need to despair if your fingers are wet or soapy because this brilliantly designed handle invites you to hold it and not let go. Like I said before, it just feels right in your hand. I fell in love instantly with the functionality, design, and feel of this product, and you will, too! My encounter with this product was serendipitous, so check it out whether you're looking to upgrade an old razor or you're looking for a new razor altogether. 
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, right?
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