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Our Study Shows Men's Grooming Trends Are More Popular Than Ever… Man Buns Not So Much


72.58% of women surveyed like the fact that men’s grooming products (including facial creams and other anti-aging products) are becoming more popular. That says it all fellas, your grooming game is important.

We had a hunch that men’s grooming and style has had more of a focus in recent times, so we took to Google Analytics to see if we were correct. Almost every grooming term we searched for has been uptrending, especially in the last five years.

This coincides with the resurgence of beards, straight razor shaving, and premium men’s grooming products.

Here’s a geographic breakdown of the Google Analytics data, as well as the trendline for five of the main grooming terms we selected.


We also wanted to know what women thought of these grooming trends. We surveyed over 1000 U.S. women and the general consensus is that grooming matters… a lot. When asked how important it was on a scale of 1-10 (one being least important, ten being most important) the average score was 8.2.

Women seemed to be in favor of every grooming trend that is popular right now except one… the “man bun.” Over 60% of respondents said they either don’t like the style, or flat out hate it, which is interesting considering all the blog posts and articles written about it lately.


Regardless of survey results, however, being comfortable and confident with yourself is what matters in the long run. So if you are a guy who likes to rock the bun… then keep on bunning my friend.

And if you’re interested in premium grooming products we definitely have a very large selection to check out (remember that 72.58% statistic).

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