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New WCS Infinity Shaving Brush Drop!
New WCS Infinity Shaving Brush Drop!
Pomades for Days-West Coast Shaving

Pomades for Days

If you’ve spent any time at all on wet shaving blogs, forums, and sites, you know that there are a plethora of choices for your grooming pleasure - scents, consistencies, ingredients, and more. And if you’ve spent any time at all on our site, you know that we are all about helping you navigate the labyrinth that is before you. In fact, our very existence is owed to the small-but-mighty sample pack (an ingenious way to get your feet wet without a full commitment.) We started with razor blade packs over ten years ago and we’ve grown to include soaps/creams, aftershaves, and now, pomades. So, we are very excited to introduce to you our new pomade sample pack!

You might be surprised to discover that there is a lot more to picking a pomade than who has the coolest label. (Although to be honest, there are a lot of cool labels out there.) Cracking open a pomade tin opens up questions of gel vs. wax, water-based vs. oil-based, high shine vs. matte, extreme hold vs. light hold, heavy weight vs. light weight, and the list goes on. Since everyone’s hair is unique in its texture, growth pattern, density, and tendency to lay flat or curl, everyone can react differently to different pomades. Enter the sample pack. By combining some of the top selling, popular brands, you can try each on for size to see which works best for you. These samples will give you a great range of holds and levels of shine to choose from and help narrow down your search or maybe broaden your collection a bit!

Eric from West Coast Shaving gives us the skinny on each of the samples:

Imperial Classic Pomade:

  • Imperial Barber Products began back in 2009 and has since become one of the largest presences in men’s hair styling. Their Classic pomade is characterized as a heavy-holding, water-based pomade. Being water-based means that there is little to no wax content. The result will be a product that is easy to rinse out which is ideal for someone who uses organic shampoos or likes to completely restyle each morning. We’ve found that their classic pomade is very versatile and can take on a range of holds. When applied to dry hair, the end result will be a more high-shine and heavy, “gel-like” hold on the hair. Applied to towel-dried hair, you can achieve a medium hold and medium shine with the right amount of product. In damp hair, the result will be a lighter, more textured look, with little or no shine. Topped off with a light, melon scent, and you have yourself a nice, versatile product ideal for any hair type!

Uppercut Deluxe:

  • Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is a great, heavyweight pomade from the Land Down Under (you just read that in Hugh Jackman’s voice, didn’t you?). These Aussies know good hair. Their water-based formula is very easy to spread in the hands, yet its heavy hold and high shine is great for slicked back looks or edgy, tall ‘dos needing consistent grip. A pleasant, subtle coconut scent makes this a very unobtrusive pomade that will not interfere with any colognes or fragrances you may want to use.

Suavecito Pomade, Original Hold:

  • If you’ve styled your hair with pomade for some time, chances are you’ve heard of Suavecito. Suavecito’s Original Hold, water-based pomade is the staple styling aid at many barbershops, perfect for slickbacks or medium-hold styles. On damp hair, you are awarded with a medium hold and higher shine. On dry hair, the pomade will provide a heavy grip and a more medium shine. The general consensus on the scent is a sort of rum and coke profile, which I agree with. As with many orthodox water-based pomades, however, this can take on a gel-like consistency, meaning it will harden on the hair for the most extreme of holds. This will make it somewhat hard to restyle if you need to do so, as you’ll need access to water to break this down and recomb.

Dapper Dan, Deluxe Pomade:

  • Dapper Dan’s Deluxe Pomade is water-based, however it stands out from others in one feature: it does not harden in the hair. As mentioned, many water-based pomades can get “crusty” and become difficult to work with. However, Dapper Dan’s deluxe formula is such that it behaves like a wax-based pomade in its ability to restyle and stay smooth in the hair, yet will wash out of the hair very easily. Scented with citrus and vanilla.

Bona Fide Super Superior Hold Pomade:

  • If you are looking for a tough pomade, you need look no further. Seriously, this may just be one of the heaviest water-based pomades I’ve used. This medium-to-high-shine pomade will be best suited for those with very curly, wavy, or unruly hair who are trying to achieve a slick look. Due to its extreme hold, this pomade might be quite difficult to restyle unless you have access to water and can wet down the ‘do a bit. Strongly, yet pleasantly, scented with citrus notes.

High Life Voodoo Brew I:

  • This coconut-scented, heavy hold pomade is perfect for those with dark, unruly hair. Wax-based, heavier hold pomades usually leave dark-haired brethren with noticeable, light flakes in the hair. This dark formulation, however, will give a dark sheen and heavy hold without the flakes usually associated with a wax-based pomade. Because of the high wax content, this may not be for someone who needs to shower in a rush or uses non-lathering, organic shampoos. Basic, detergent-like ingredients (such as sulfates and hydroxides) work best to remove wax buildup.

Grab this pack and give em’ a try!

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