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Why Use a Shaving Brush-West Coast Shaving

Why Use a Shaving Brush

Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of one in an old movie, a vintage barbershop, your grandfather’s medicine cabinet, even that “how to wet shave” video that piqued your interest: a shaving brush. But isn’t it an obsolete tool of yesteryear? An out-of-date method replaced by modern technology? Well, in short, no. A shaving brush is still a necessary element of a great classic wet shave. In this short Shaving 101 video, Aviv and Jared share some thoughts on why to use a shaving brush.

Why Use a Shaving Brush?

  • It helps to create a top of the line lather.

  • As a leading tool in your wet shaving tool box, a shaving brush is used with specially designed shaving soaps to whip up a froth that can’t be duplicated in cans, foams, or tubes. The process of activating the ingredients in a shaving soap or cream with a brush creates a thick, dense, rich lather that protects and nourishes your skin. 


  • It exfoliates the skin and raises the hairs for a clean shave.

  • The shaving brush does more than just whip up a lather; it also applies that froth to your face. That process raises the strands of hair and readies them for the blade. Your stubble can absorb water from the rich, warm lather and plumb up as well. This makes them more receptive to a clean, smooth cut. Some brushes, particularly boar, are also great exfoliators as their stiffer bristles remove dead skin cells. 

  • It is part of the sensory experience of a classic wet shave.

  • Many men are drawn to wet shaving because of the process. It becomes a meditative, calming experience to lather the soap, apply, shave, and rinse. Whipping up the lather and applying the warm froth to your face is a key reason to use a shaving brush as well. It is like getting a barbershop pampering right in your own bathroom. In addition, you can find the hair (synthetic, badger, boar, horse, etc) that feels best on your face and the handle (chubby, slim, curvaceous, cylindrical) that fits best in your hand. 

  • It  reflects your personality and aesthetic preferences.

  • Finally, there are so many choices of materials, colors, shapes, and price ranges that you can find just the right shave brush to reflect YOU. Resin, metal, horn, carbon fiber. . . so many choices. And there are shaving brushes at accessible price points for any wallet. 

    Why do you use a shaving brush? Are there reasons that we missed? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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    Mark Bruskin - March 15, 2021

    i just ran across this video and have to agree with everything. My entire wet shaving journey began with a shaving brush…. there is an almost decadent feel to the way it applies lather to your face. I went from brush to good soap to a DE razor (was still using carts back then), and have never looked back.

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