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Wed: 30% Off WCS Shaving Creams and Soaps!
Rubis Tweezers: Practicality Meets Luxury-West Coast Shaving

Rubis Tweezers: Practicality Meets Luxury


Why We're Featuring it: The right tool

Finding the right tool can revolutionize your life. 

Many things can be done half-way – you can jimmy the lock with a bobby-pin, or cut your steak with a butter knife, or duct-tape. . . well, anything. But when you invest in the right tool for the job, you wonder how you got along without it. That’s how it is with tweezers – until you’ve used a good one you don’t even know what you are missing. 

Rubis creates that perfect tool. 

They got their start making precision tweezers for Swiss watchmakers to insert rubies into their timepieces. When Fides Baldesberger arrived, the factory had seen better days. She had a vision to bring them into a new world. Now they create tweezers and implements for 

  • cosmetic use
  • industrial use
  • hobby use

 – a perfect tool for every job. 

Why We Like it: "Sincere Luxury"

They have a beautiful vision of “sincere luxury” – no overstatement or ostentation. 

Baldesberger designs most of their implements and they focus on simple function and design. Practicality and precision seem to be in the Swiss nature. Maybe it is the long winters in the Alps that breeds a special kind of meticulous tenacity – from knives, to watches, to tweezers. 

Rubis uses high quality stainless steel as the only way to make a perfect tweezer: 

  • tips that close perfectly
  • edges that are precise 
  • arms that offer a light resistance. 

All these sensitive qualities are in mind in a 45-step production process. For a seemingly simple instrument, there is a lot of precision involved. 

In a final “visitage” step, each tweezer is hand-aligned under a magnifying glass in a process that can take years to master. 

We also love a company that sees its work as a meaningful social endeavor. Rubis encourages creativity and innovation in its employees, as well as efficiency. And their headquarters reflects that value of minimalist, contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship – just like their tweezers. 

Who it’s for: The rest of us

If you are a smooth-skinned, accident proof, nimble-fingered super stud, you have no need for tweezers. For the rest of us, there is Rubis. 

What you should get: 

  • Rubis Pointer Pointed Tip Tweezer, Stainless – These pointed tip tweezers are SHARP –literally. It is great for a first aid kit and those ingrown hairs. Keep the tips in the plastic cover to ensure that it stays ready to use. And you can sterilize the stainless steel, so you can prevent infection. 
  • Rubis Classic Elegance Slanted Tip Tweezer, Stainless – Love, love, love the design of this one. The name says it all – classic and elegant. The popular slanted tip is great for getting rid of unwanted hair, but it can be flipped to act as a pointed tip as well.

Find even more Rubis Tweezers here!

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