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Safety Razor Guide

So what is the difference between these safety razors and which one do you need?

Closed Comb (Straight Bar / Safety Bar)

Most men start off with a closed comb razor. It’s design has a solid and straight plate below the blade (the safety bar) that provides a buffer between the skin and the blade.


WCS Expert Advice: They come apart in 2 or 3 pieces for cleaning and blade changes, but whether it's a 2 or 3 piece does not really impact the shave. With the 3-piece, you will unscrew below the head of the razor, and the 2-piece you will unscrew the bottom of the handle and the top will slide out.

Open Comb

Open comb razor heads have open space in between the “teeth” of the comb. The teeth also help guide the hair and often lead to less clogging. Some feel they are more aggressive.


WCS Expert Advice: Overall, it seems to be a preference for men with very coarse beards or those who are trying to rid themselves of the longer stubble. It is another option and hard to know if it is favored unless it is given a chance.


A butterfly is all about the way the razor opens up to change the blade. The “gates” of the razor are opened by twisting the bottom of the handle. All of the butterfly safety razors that we carry are straight bar/closed comb.


WCS Expert Advice: It is what some envision when they have nostalgic feeling about wet-shaving. Many men have reported, “That looks like my grandfather’s razor!”


Adjustable razors are just that...adjustable. The dial around the handle of the razor allows the user to dial in the exact amount of blade exposure, making it mild or aggressive. As the head of the razor is raised, there is a larger blade gap and more exposed blade.


WCS Expert Advice: This option offers nice flexibility for growing in your skills for wet shaving. It it is also favored among those who like to find and dial in their exact preference.


Slant-bar razors are designed to have the blade placed at an actual angle. They are especially loved by those men with thick, coarse beards. Many men would say it’s aggressive, but for the experienced wet shaver they find that it is actually more efficient.


WCS Expert Advice: This is not a razor we would recommend to the novice, but with practice and getting comfortable with the angle it can become a favorite!

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