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30% Off WCS Shaving Soaps & Creams + 10% Off All Others
30% Off WCS Shaving Soaps & Creams + 10% Off All Others
Shaving Soaps Make Great Gifts-West Coast Shaving

Shaving Soaps Make Great Gifts

Gift giving time is here again. And in the midst of to-do lists and tinsel, we’re here to help with ideas for the wet shaver in your life. Take at least one thing off your list when you shop our shaving soaps at West Coast Shaving.

Shaving soap is a fantastic gift for friends and family. Give one to your uncle who loves to wet shave or introduce your best friend to the ways of classic shaving. Share a new artisan or long time favorite. We even have sample packs so you can stretch your hard earned cash and try even more scents. We have shaving soaps for so many reasons and seasons. 

Check out the list below and make a harried Christmas into a merry one!

Shaving Soap Gift Ideas

  • Best Soap for a Stocking Stuffer 

Check out our Barbershop sample pack. This collection of sample size scents is perfect for slipping in the toe of that stocking. Keep the set together for one special shaver or spread the joy around to multiple family members. We especially recommend our best selling Gatsby scent!

  • Best Soap for a Grab bag/Gift Exchange 

For a seasonally-inspired shaving soap that is sure to turn heads at any gathering, try Barrister and Mann’s Vespers. This limited edition shaving soap evokes Christmas Markets and holiday cheer. Spread some joy!


  • Best Soap for a Secret Santa

If your Secret Santa always ends up being random HR guy or the reclusive IT guru, we’ve got you covered with a shaving soap that will please the most -- and least -- discerning among us. And even if they don’t appreciate it, everyone else at the office will. Try Fine Accoutrements Shaving Soap, Platinum.

  • Best Soap for the Wet Shaving Newbie

Gift this shaving soap from Stirling Soap Company if you have a new shaver in your midst. This company has consistently produced exceptional shaving soaps that are easy to lather and give a fantastic shave. We think Sharp Dressed Man aroma is a winner - good enough for the likes of Cary Grant, Robert Redford, and Clint Eastwood who all wore its inspiration scent.

  • Best Soap for the Wet Shaving Aficionado

If your list boasts a wet shaving expert who loves exceptional shaving soaps that functional phenomenally but also smell fantastic, have no fear. We have Wholly Kaw! This soap with its new tallow base hits all the marks for the lathering virtuoso, and it is paired with one of their newest aromas, a fougere with aromatic woods, citrus, and green notes. (Hey, if they know what a fougere is then this is the soap for them.)


  • Best Soap for the Trendsetter
If you are struggling to find the right gift for your cousin who follows all the latest trends and influencers, then check out one of our favorite up-and-coming brands. Extro Cosmesi is an Italian brand bring 30 years in the cosmetic industry to the men's grooming world. This artisan cream is great for your skin . . . and your nose. The "del Don" scent is woodsy and citrusy. 


  • Best Soap for the Traditionalist

New-fangled? Ba-humbug. If you have a vintage soul to buy for this Christmas, then new artisans aren’t your jam. But how about a company that has been around since 1854 and a scent that has been around longer? TOBS Sandalwood Shaving Cream. Check.   

  • Best Soap for $10

Wanna keep a couple gifts around for the unexpected guest or the unplanned, last minute get-together? Keep a few of these Proraso shaving soaps stashed in your den. At $10, they are a great value and a great gift. (And if you don’t use them for holiday gifts, you can always use them yourself, just sayin’)

  • Best Soap for Impressing your Boss

Barrister and Mann has been impressing us for years, so we are confident he will impress your boss as well. Although many Barrister and Mann releases are seasonal and limited, this Beaudelaire aroma is so good, we have to keep it in stock year round. Made with a reverse engineered version of an extremely rare old aroma, Mousse de Saxe takes this soap to a new level: marries light and dark, sweet and bitter, clean and dirty, nice and naughty. Angel or demon, this scent should hit the right notes for any boss.


  • Best Soap for the World Traveler
  • Have someone on your list that has seen it all -- or wants too? Bring a little flair to their shave with a soap from Brazil. Yep, our international soap game is pretty deep. And we think you will love this artisan goodness from Inga Saboaria. Try Tanger and bring a little island life to their holiday vibe. 


    Keep an eye out for our Black Friday releases as well. We have lots of new exclusive and limited edition shaving soaps coming soon!

    What is your favorite shaving soap? Wanna change up our suggestions? Help a follow-shopper out and give your recommendations. Tell us in the comments below.
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