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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!

Tabula Rasa: Shave again, for the first time

Lots of “someones” let the cat out of the bag and Tabula Rasa is now one of the worst kept secrets in the wet shaving world. If you have spent any time on the forums and blogs, you know that German perfumer & shaving soap makers, Eric Kormann & Xenia Trost, have produced a line of shaving soaps that is blowing up the blog-o-sphere. Tabula Rasa is a uniquely textured and scented shaving soap with a cult-like following.

Why We're Featuring it:

We’re so excited to carry this small-batch, hand-crafted, artisan soap brand. It is unique, natural, amazingly luxurious, and fantastically scented.

And with reviews like. . .

. . . you will never want to be without it easily one of the best shaving creams out there
. . . TR moisturizes your face like hardly anything else out there
. . . The results were out of this world, smooth, moisture rich shave with no irritation
. . . The longer I use this stuff the more I love it
. . . The party here is how well it treats the skin post

. . . Anyone who is serious about shaving should give it a try
. . . Despite the higher cost, the performance more than makes up for it.

. . . how could we miss out?

Why We Like it:

Tabula Rasa implies working with a blank slate and that is really what Trost and Kormann have done. They are taking the shaving world by storm by re-thinking and re-imaging your traditional shave.

  • Texture –

Yeah, this isn’t your usual soap. . . ah, cream . . . ah, croap. . . Their creams/soaps seem to defy classification. Not quite cream, not quite soap, they have been called "hard" by cream enthusiasts and "soft" by soap experts. This putty-like shaving essential is packed with moisturizing ingredients like mango butter and argan oil. Of course, this brings up debate in the lathering world: face/palm/or mug. Regardless of how to produce it, the resulting lather is worth writing home about – creamy, billowy, protectant, dense, rich.

  • Sensitive skin –

This soap got it’s start in an attempt to create a product that didn’t irritate sensitive, allergy prone faces. Their hope was to produce an amazing, wet shaving experience for all. They achieved that aim with Stimu-tex, a Swiss-made proprietary ingredient to protect and moisturize. This soap works so well, in fact, that the post-shave experience is almost as, well, legendary as the shave itself. Users have claimed that the effects of this product last so long that they don’t even need a post-shave balm/lotion/splash.

  • Unique scent –

Whether you are keeping it pure with an unscented choice or looking to step up your game with a one-of-a-kind aroma, Tabula Rasa has you covered. Kormann creates all of their bespoke fragrances and they will have you clamoring for more: Vetiver & Tangerine (earthy & fruity), Dark Lavender (not your grandma’s scent), Olibanum (a spiritual experience).

Who it’s for:

All traditional shavers, even you sensitive types, who are on the ball. These hand-made, small batches mean that supplies are sometimes limited and hard to find. Grab it while you can and make your friends jealous.

You Must Have:

  • Tabula Rasa Dark Lavender: A mysterious scent; a little bit "dirty", a little bit earthy, a little bit dark.
  • Tabula Rasa Vetiver: This oft-reviewed scent is uniquely Tabula Rasa: fresh cut grass, citrus, and earthy notes
  • Tabula Rasa Steampunk: Working with the Shaving Nook forum, this specially commissioned scent pairs hypermodern with Victorian vintage. Wrap your mind (and nose) around that!
  • Tabula Rasa Unscented: Keep it simple and pure. Nothing here to irritate your skin.

Find more Tabula Rasa products here.

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