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Take Time to Smell the Roses!

Life is busy. I think we can all agree on that. 
We find ourselves running from one thing to another, and many of us our controlled by our own devices that we've created. The schedules of appointments, meetings, and activities that we think are going to bring us joy only make us run around. Your calendar is telling you an "event" is coming, so you log on only to come face to face with hundreds of emails. 
I've done my share of travel (love it!), and I am afraid that especially in America we are cheating ourselves out of life. Most other countries seem to understand something we have forgotten. I am afraid, it seems that we fail to truly enjoy life. 
John and I run West Coast Shaving together—often late into the night—and of course with a great staff. He believes we should work and then relax. I believe we must make time to relax even if it means working later. Good thing we balance each other, right? We also have 3 wonderful children. Two sons who are 7 and 9 and a daughter who is 5. We really do love what we do, and I believe our staff and customers feel that. But, I find myself busy with the business much of my day. When my children are with me after school, I find myself scrambling to get the homework done, three kids in three sports (I need not say anymore!), feeding my family, making sure everyone has brushed, flossed and scrubbed themselves well, and "Please!!! Get in bed!" Sometimes, I know I do not enjoy life to the fullest. 
Last week, as John was out of town on a business trip, I took my kids and and our Labradoodle (because, after all, she is my 4th kid) on a quick trip for a few days to San Francisco. We sat at a sidewalk cafe, talked, ate great food, took a boat ride to Alcatraz, walked the beach and piers, and people watched. We stopped to watch fishermen returning from a day out and seals who were more than impressed with what was being throw overboard. We noticed things like flowers and beautiful buildings. Oh, and I found a great tea shop! I've implemented afternoon tea time into my day, as of this weekend! We ate when we were hungry, and we slept when we were tired. 
I think even the way we care for ourselves is reflected in our busy lifestyle, and I challenge anyone to change. I think big changes and little changes alter the way life goes. And I am practicing what I preach, by the way. I have recently tried to give myself a little extra time to use more of the great products we have in our store. And, while I would not resort to to a can and disposable, I sometimes do hurry myself! Take the time to enjoy the scents of the shaving creams and soaps and aftershave goodies. Slow down an extra 20 minutes to do things a little nicer. 
I've tried to show this my children, as well. At night, I take a little time to rub their back and feet with some lavender and chamomile oils, rather than scolding them to get in bed. It makes for a more peaceful life for everyone. Doing these things and the peace they feel in life is what I want them to remember more than me yelling at them! 
So take the time to enjoy the little things in life. You will not regret it, but may have forgotten how to do it. I am far from perfect and struggling with this on a daily basis, but I keep striving to enjoy life more. Maybe I'll even get crazy and enjoy more moments now and work more later.
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