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30% Off All WCS Shaving Brushes + 10% Off All Other Shaving Brushes!

The Art of Smelling: How To Choose a Favorite Scent at West Coast Shaving

I never imagined myself using my sense of smell as much as I do. It's one of those senses that can so quickly be taken for granted. But, the sense of smell is so valuable for so many reasons. The smell of breakfast or coffee might make you think of a relaxing Saturday morning. For some, the smell of a newborn baby or crayons brings you back to your childhood, or perhaps parenthood. We can all certainly have scents that make us think of that beloved parent or grandparent or that special someone. 
Studies show that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell, pleasure, well-being, and memory. 
At West Coast Shaving, many of you do not have the ability to come to our store and be wowed by how amazing it smells in here when you walk in the door. We sell many colognes and eau de toilettes, aftershaves, as well as scented shaving creams and soaps. And knowing what you like takes work and understanding of your own preferences. Much as you would do with wine-tasting, we line up scents and train our staff and our customers on the differences in scent. It's pretty hard to smell online, and we have a lot of products, but we are always happy to help you by asking some questions to help narrow things down. There are some specific scents that are notorious for having a huge range—one is Sandalwood and the other, Bay Rum. We also work with our staff on ways of accurately describing scents on the phone and in our website descriptions. We might not always use the most technical terms, but we use words that you can hopefully relate to. 
We hope to help you find your perfect scent and what it is about you that will leave a lasting impression on those around you! Contact a customer service representative directly to get started.
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