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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15
15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15

The Man Who Likes To Show Off, Gift Guide 2012

Even if you share the washroom you can still have a countertop that is organized and looks great. This Edwin Jagger 2 piece set is classy and functional. You might even impress a visitor. The Cyril R. Salter stand has been a longtime favorite here at West Coast Shaving. It fits many different razors and brushes and it looks great. We are always happy to make sure your gear will fit in this stand. The bottom line is Trumper's makes great soap and it looks great in a wooden bowl. We like it and think it looks manly sitting on the sink.

Edwin Jagger 3-Piece DE Shaving Set, Chrome Lined

Your Price: $162.00


Cyril R Salter Nickel Shaving Stand

Your Price: $35.00


Geo F Trumper Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

Your Price: $36.00

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