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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
The Perfect Dopp Kit: Great Grooming on the Go-West Coast Shaving

The Perfect Dopp Kit: Great Grooming on the Go

Does holiday time mean travel time? Or does your job take you from coast-to-coast? Or are you a free-spirit ready to wander where the wind blows? If you need to have a travel case handy, then West Coast Shaving is here for you. We’ve compiled the products you need to create the perfect traveling companion. Keep it stocked and ready to go, so you can respond whenever the mood (or the boss) moves you!

The perfect Dopp/Travel Bag from West Coast Shaving:

The Bag

First, you need the perfect bag. We suggest Alpha One Niner. Inspired by the tactical, durable, and practical nature of his military kits, as well as years in the fashion worlds of Milan and New York, Alpha One Niner founder, Helmie Ashiblie turned his eye to dopp kits. Men everywhere rejoiced. His products are durable, functional, and provide easy access in a world of fast-paced travel. These high-quality canvas bags are roomy and well-designed to keep all your goodies in one spot. Grab the black one (really, you can’t go wrong with black). Or pick one from medium navy, charcoal, and coyote brown.


      • Alpha One Niner Dopp Bag- Lightweight and portable yet stylish and spacious, these kits are designed to allow you to carry all your grooming needs with you anywhere and everywhere. With water-resistant nylon lining and 1000D Cordura, external leaks and stains that can seep through your clothes or other belongings are a thing of the past. What's even better is that the same material, together with genuine YKK zippers and taped seams make clean up easy as pie. This dopp kit has a side pocket with a row of milspec elastic webbing for all your tiny essentials.

The Razor

Now we need the perfect razor. And you won’t be disappointed with Merkur. When Emil Hermes hung out his shingle in 1896, he certainly couldn't have anticipated the success of his fledgling cutlery company. Today Merkur is renown worldwide for their exceptional blades, razors, and more. See why they top so many bestseller lists with this travel razor. Or if you just can’t travel without your favorite edge, we’ve got you covered – literally. Get this leather safety razor case to keep it protected.


    • Merkur Travel Safety Razor- This full-sized safety razor breaks down and stores in a small, black leather case. It is chrome-plated with closed comb head. It is perfect for travel or for those who have storage challenges.


      • West Coast Shaving Leather Safety Razor Case, Brown - This case is crafted with two types and textures of fine leather. The inner lining is soft, supple pigskin to cushion your grooming investment. The outer layer is grained brown leather with a second layer of darker brown down the center. The fold-and-snap closure keeps your razor from wandering about your kit.


The Brush

This kit isn’t done yet. The perfect set needs a great brush and we have some great options. From badger to synthetic, we’ve got what you need to whip up that foamy, frothy lather and exfoliate your skin. For this we’ve picked two options from fantastic manufacturers – Kent and Edwin Jagger. Since 1777, Kent, a family owned business, has been turning out some of the world's finest brushes. Recognized by the granting of royal warrants from no less than nine reigns, Kent has an unbroken record of excellence. Or check out Edwin Jagger. Here at West Coast Shaving we carry more Edwin Jagger products than any other brand. Why? Because for nearly three decades this British company has been producing quality products that appeal to the newest wet shaver and the veteran wet shaving master.


    • Muhle Synthetic Silvertip Brushes + Muhle Travel Tube – Muhle’s synthetic, silvertip hairs are where the money's at. They may even prove true that "art is capable of surpassing nature". These fibers are processed by hand with very soft tips. But the middle hair is firmer than naturally derived strands. The low maintenance head is suitable for vegans, produces a great lather, and dries quickly. What a feat! That makes it perfect for travel so add it to your dopp bag with one of Muhle’s protective cases in clear or gray.


    • Edwin Jagger Badger Brushes for travel – Get an Edwin Jagger brush in best or pure badger to whip up a fantastic lather on soap or cream. You can’t go wrong with badger hair in creating the perfect shave. These brushes come with a case or retract into the handle so they are protected as they bounce around a toiletry bag.

The Cream

Now comes the fun part. You’ve got all the “hard”ware now let’s check out the “soft”ware. There are so many great options; you could get lost in the suds. But don’t worry, we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of great choice, especially for a dopp kit – Taylor Old Bond Street and Haslinger. Established in 1854 during the reign of Queen Victoria, Taylor of Old Bond Street is truly an icon of wet shaving. Or try out Haslinger. In 1949, Georg Haslinger acquired a 50-year-old soap factory and began to produce his own line of formulations based on pure vegetable oil. Using the beneficial properties of honey, herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils, he started a line of cosmetic products that are beloved by so many. Pick one or get both.


    • Taylor of Old Bond Street Shaving Cream Tubes – TOBS creams are full of natural ingredients that can nourish and rejuvenate the face without causing irritation. The cream contains coconut oil, which has moisture locking properties that keep your skin feeling silky soft. It is formulated to generate a rich lather that serves as your skin's protection from razor burns. And the convenient tube make it excellent to throw in your kit.

    • Haslinger Soaps in a bowl - These fabulous little pucks of shaving soap are just perfect to throw in a travel bag. The luxuriously lathering soap comes in a clear container. The many scents and fantastic lather are sure to keep any wet shaver happy.

The Aftershave

As we round out this kit, we come to the aftershave. We could have a list as long as your arm, but we’re going to limit it to one exceptional post-shave product. This will moisturize, nourish, protect, heal, and even scent your skin. How can you go wrong with this classic?

      • Geo F Trumper Skin Food - Get yourself a versatile shaving partner that takes care of you before and after you shave. The Geo F Trumper Coral Skin Food is a great pre and post shave partner. Using it as a pre-shave treatment, it lifts and softens the bristles of your hair allowing your razor to glide through with ease. On the other hand, using the non-greasy glycerin rich based formula after shaving can soothe and aid in healing. It has rosewater which acts as an astringent that unclogs pores, making your face look smooth and clean. It also helps reduce irritation by acting as an anti-inflammatory substance. Get it in coral, sandalwood, or extract of lime.


The Extras

So, you’ve got the goods for a great shave, but why stop there?!?! Let’s take this dopp kit to a new level with ALL the toiletries you need for a great groom. Look at this list and you might change the name from “extras” to “essentials”.

    • D.R. Harris Shampoo Bar -Made with Dead Sea salts, this cleanser will thicken thinning hair and bring new life to dull, lusterless locks. With D.R. Harris shampoo bars, you can be sure people will notice your refined and impeccable appearance. In spite of their Old World charm, D.R. Harris has very modern sensibilities. Shampoo bars are economical and environmentally-friendly as they lather voluminously, meaning you use less. They come in a reusable aluminum tin which is perfect for travel. In addition, all coloring is vegetable/food sourced and earth-friendly. Get it in Ocean, Coconut, Rosemary, or Arlington scents.


    • Bigelow Natural Bristle Toothbrush - This fine quality toothbrush is made with natural bristles, and the soft texture is perfect for gentle cleansing. The amber-looking handle adds to the Victorian-era look. Since you don't want to leave home without this requisite grooming utensil, it comes with a handy carrying case, so you can keep your brush safe: at home or on the road. 
  • Marvis Toothpaste - This toothpaste contains sorbitol and glycerin base, substances that fight tooth decay by strengthening teeth and gums. They also aid in eliminating plaque. With continuous use, you can prevent build-up that cause cavities, tartar, and gum disease. This high-quality paste comes in excellent flavors like strong mint, ginger mint, jasmine mint, and more.

    • Speick Deodorant Stick - The tried and tested, potent natural ingredients in the Speick body care products keep you clean and fresh while surrounding you with a sense of well-being. Each product is crafted with the rare Alpine valerian plant - Valeriana celtica - which is highly aromatic and healing. Cooling, energetic freshness with the unique harmonizing Speick extract.
    • Uppercut Deluxe Pocket Comb, Black - It's baaack! You might have thought the pocket comb went the way of rolling your own cigs and nickel candy. But Uppercut Deluxe has re-envisioned this handy tool. The graduated narrow to wide teeth will give you clean comb lines as you style your pomp, quiff, or slick back. It’s made with hard and tough plastic that's ultra-durable, so you’re guaranteed that it’s a high-quality product. The teeth's ends are also rounded and smooth for guaranteed comfort to your scalp.

      • Byrd Pomades - Made 100% in CA, the original formula was created near iconic Echo Beach. Slip these 1 oz. can next to your pocket comb (or into your dopp kit) and rock your style on-the-go. Water-based so they wash out easily, you can get classic, matte, or light hold.


So, if you find yourself facing the long lines at TSA this season, take a little of the stress out of travel with these products. And if you find yourself facing a long list of gifts to get, this might take some of the stress out of that as well. Give the perfect dopp kit to any of those “hard to please” family members this year.

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