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The Seven Products You Need To Shave and Groom EXACTLY Like Don Draper

Even though Mad Men is officially “in the books,” there is no doubt it will be influencing contemporary style for quite some time. Throughout its seven seasons Don Draper never failed to charm us with his suave and effortless look. He had the women swooning and the men wondering what his secrets were. And while we may never “officially” find out if Don created the iconic Coca-Cola commercial featured at the end of the finale… we did at least unlock the secrets of his shaving and grooming habits.

We combed (pun intended) through every episode to find out what products Don might have used to get his dapper look. The results are compiled in the graphic below, backed up by evidence from the show.

Interestingly, a lot of these products are still sold on the market today.

Brylcreem as well as the popular 60s brand Murray’s Superior Pomade can easily be found. In addition, a premium badger hair shaving brush like the Omega 638 would definitely be Draper worthy.

Want a contemporary razor similar to Don’s Gillette Black Handle Super Speed? We suggest the Edwin Jagger DE Safety Razor with black “extra grip” handle.

Everything you need to be “dapper like Don Draper” is shown below. Now you just need a nice suit, a glass of Canadian Club on the rocks, and a Lucky Strike (although we can’t exactly condone habitual chain smoking).

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