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Tips for Beard Care Grooming-West Coast Shaving

Tips for Beard Care Grooming

Maybe you’ve chosen the beard life for its convenience and simplicity, maybe you’ve picked it for its epic masculinity, maybe you’ve joined the witness protection progr. . . ahem, a biker gang, whatever your reasons, you still need to maintain that hirsute beast. So, if you’re wondering how to care for your face forest, we’ve answered some beard care frequently asked questions right here.

Beard Care Q&A


Q: How do I make my beard soft?

A: Facial hair has a (justified) reputation as being coarse, unruly, and wiry. It doesn’t have to be that way. Invest in beard care products that are designed for facial hair like beard shampoos, conditioners, oils, and balms. These products can work to soften your strands for a touchably soft chin rug.

Also, consider obtaining a good beard brush. A boar bristle tool is particularly good with facial hair as they have a stiffness and backbone to tame those strands. Brush upward first to work out the tangles and then brush down to smooth. Voila! Smoother, softer strands. 

Q: Do I really need a beard shampoo?

A: Well, yes, you do. Clearly the hair on your head is different than that on your face. Using a specially formulated cleanser will benefit your beard. First, a beard wash will clean your beard appropriately without stripping it of necessary moisture. Second, it will nourish the strands for healthy growth. Third, a beard wash is gentle enough to use daily or at least a few times a week. 

Especially during the early growth stages it is vital to wash regularly to eliminate trapped food and skin cells which lead to itchiness. Be sure to avoid overzealous towel drying which can lead to breakage, split ends, and fly-aways.    

Q: How often should I condition my beard?

A: Using a good beard conditioner along with your beard shampoo will go a long way toward healthy growth. Whenever you lather up the shampoo, consider conditioning as well. 

Q: Beard oil? Really?

A: REALLY! Truly, truly: investing in a beard oil is probably the best thing you can do for your beard. A good oil nourishes your coarse, unruly facial hair AND the skin beneath to cut down on dryness, itchiness, breakage, and beard-druff. It tames the beard and adds a healthy shine. Also, there are so many varieties in so many scents that you can have one for every mood or occasion. Search beard oils on our site to find your favorite.

Q: How do I pick a beard shape?

A: Match your beard to the shape of your face. The goal of most beard growth is to create an oval shape. With this in mind, you will want to shape your beard to that end. If you have a square or round face, you will likely choose a style that keeps your beard fuller at the bottom and shorter on the sides to elongate your face. If you have a rectangular or oblong shape, keep the bottom shorter and the sides longer to create that oval shape. If you are blessed with an oval face, you can make most styles work. 

Also, spend some time thinking about your lifestyle - jobs, hobbies, relationships - and pick a style that works best. Even the time of year might speak to your bearded intentions - short in summer, long in winter, perhaps.

Q: How do I nourish my beard for optimal growth?

A: Growing healthy hair actually starts from the inside out. Look for biotin or a good multivitamin specifically for hair growth (although it won’t hurt your whole health, either). Adding in specially formulated shampoos, conditioners, and oils as noted above is also vital. 


Q: How do I control this unruly tangle?

A: If a beard oil and boar brush still aren’t taming the beast, you might want to consider a beard wax or pomade. Adding a little umph to your hold might be what you need. A wax/pomade is a stronger hold product that should keep fly-aways and wiry strands in check. If you don’t use a beard oil to soften and hydrate those strands, you are more likely to experience breakage which leads to tangles and unruliness. Good products that promote healthy growth will result in a smoother, sleeker beard. 

Q: Now that I have a beard, I never have to shave again, right?

A: Um, unfortunately no. Wielding the blade occasionally is still a necessity. In order to prevent a downward spiral into disarray, you need to keep your beard lines groomed and straight. A straight edge (or shavette razor) is actually excellent for this. The longer blade helps maintain just the right line, but a DE safety razor can help keep you looking tip-top, too.

So, have you embraced the beard life? Do you have best practices for keeping your manly mane in excellent condition? What beard care products are you using? Drop them in the comments below and share the knowledge.

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