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TM1985: Bags and wallets that work as hard as you!-West Coast Shaving

TM1985: Bags and wallets that work as hard as you!

Why We're Featuring it:

Quality, quality, quality. From the company to the product, TM1985 is just quality.

Founder, Tielor McBride values and supports design, artisanship, production, and community. A recent report by Etsy said TM1985 is a momentum player in the “maker movement”.

The White House started this movement, which empowers individuals “to create, innovate, tinker, and make their ideas and solutions into reality.”

TM1985 got its start on Etsy in 2010. Tielor McBride was designing window displays for Ralph Lauren but he was creatively unfulfilled, so he turned to his hobby of creating these awesome leather & canvas bags. His business exploded when Etsy highlighted him on their featured seller page –

to the tune of 200 orders in one day!

Why We Like it:

McBride's company is the epitome of

  • small business,
  • hand-crafted,
  • high quality,
  • locally sourced.

He couldn't keep up with 200 orders a day, but he stayed true to his roots. He hired a small, Brooklyn-based, family-owned manufacturing company to help.

His process still values hand-crafting and there is a constant give-and-take between design and outcome. He provides jobs to skilled laborers in New York. Jobs that too often are vanishing to China. That means a unique, hand-crafted, locally-made product for you keeps jobs in the US!

You just can’t get better quality. They believe in starting with an exceptional foundation, so they use only the best ingredients. And they search for those materials right here in the United States:

  • high quality, solid brass hardware,
  • 100% cotton canvas,
  • recycled nylon,
  • vegetable-tanned leather, and
  • heavy duty cotton webbing.

Because Tielor likes to touch and feel the materials before he uses them, most supplies are sourced on or near the East Coast.

They want their bags to last you a lifetime. From the design to the production, quality is the name of the game.

Who it’s for:

Anyone who wants to break free from the conventional consumer-product relationship will love TM1985. His products are of the highest quality, they support jobs and skilled labor in the US, and they are beautiful and functional.

Many of his designs are inspired by vintage military, utility, and artisan goods. They make a statement, one that is sure to last.

You Must Have:

  • Waxed Canvas/Leather Base Dopp Kit – These dopp kits are sturdy and they look great. The bulk of the kit is waxed canvas to protect against leaks or spills. The leather base and handle add to the craftsmanship and make this a timeless piece. (Comes in Blue/Brown, Olive/Dark Brown, and Charcoal/Black)
  • Canvas and Waxed Canvas Bottom Dopp Kit - These bags are also quite handsome, and at a lower price point. The waxed canvas bottom prevents any spills from leaking through and creating a mess and the leather strap offers a great way to hang your kit. (The bag is offered in Natural/Navy, Black/Charcoal, and Harvest/Olive.)

You can shop for more TM1985 products here.

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