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Top Product Picks From John-West Coast Shaving

Top Product Picks From John


John Koontz, co-owner of West Coast Shaving, has tried more products that he can keep track of. He is the very definition of a wet shaving enthusiast. So when he recommends a product, we always listen up. It all began many years ago when he asked for and received a bunch of shaving supplies for Christmas to wage war on his horrible razor burn. And after realizing that a wet shave was the only way he'd ever shave again, his new hobby turned into a passion and then turned into West Coast Shaving! We asked him to pick a handful of his favorite products from the vast amounts cluttering his sink. Have you tried all of his top picks and the? Let us know if you agree in the comments below!

Merkur Futur Razor

"Of course, I've tested a ton of razors, but I keep coming back to this one because it just works for my face. The blade angle is a little different than most and it results in a more comfortable shave for my technique, blade choice, and beard. While it is adjustable, I haven't adjusted it in 8 years. I find I like it a bit on the mild side with a sharp blade. I use the matte version because it's a little easier to hold with wet hands than the polished version."

New York Shaving Elizabeth Shave Soap

"I have far more shaving soaps in my bathroom than razors (i won't allow myself to call it a collection). I think the New York Shaving products are hidden gems that need more attention. I like to change it up daily on my soaps, but I keep reaching for this one at least once a week. The performance is wonderful and the scent makes me happy."

DR Harris Windsor Aftershave Splash

"I'm a sucker for the Windsor scent and use the aftershave splash regularly. I have oily skin so the splash gives me just enough moisture after a shave without causing any residual stickiness and isn't heavy."

Baxter Deodorant

"It may be a bit hard to get excited about deodorant, but this is what I use every day. Works well and smells good. It tends to last longer for me as well."

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