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Save 10% Off All Heritage Collection Shaving Brushes!

Vintage Glamour for Modern Men: Black and White Wax

In the 1920s, it was the Marcel Wave. In the '30s, the slicked-back look. The pin curls of the 1940s, the textured quiff of the fifties, and every definitive style through the '80s Mohawk and beyond – they were all at their best with a little Black & White.

How many products do you know of that can handle the demands of every decade? After 90+ years in business, this is a hair wax that deserves a closer look.

Why we're featuring it:

There's something undeniably cool about a brand that's so dead-on from the start, it never has to change a thing in almost a century. The formula, the packaging, everything Black and White does is just the way it's been since they styled their first wave in 1922. This wax is as cool as James Dean, as slick as Elvis Presley, as on trend as Robert Pattinson, as image-conscious as Johnny Depp. And those are just some of the big names who swear by Black and White.

Why we like it:

We're not talking about style without substance. We're talking about style so substantial that movie stars, runway models, and the ordinary Joe with a passion for great-looking hair have all obsessed over pretty much since the dawn of decent hair-styling as a trend. Black and White wax is easy to use, ridiculously versatile, sculptable, and offers hold with shine – not that gunky matte look that's the dead giveaway of poor imitations. It's long-lasting and better yet, it's affordable, giving you Hollywood glamour at drugstore prices. We're especially big fans of the one and only product innovation Black and White has undertaken in all these years: The Lite formulation, which finally brings the effortless cool of a waxed and sculpted look to the fine-haired masses.

Who this is for:

One of the major appeals of Black and White is that it's a totally egalitarian wax. Male or female, flush or broke, this jar of pomade is there for you. And if you're into a controlled look, something you can sculpt and work into just the right shape, or something unshakably sleek, it's time to get your fingers into some of this wax. It's also fantastic for people who like to change things up regularly and try a dozen different styles – Black and White is so versatile, it's perfect for your pomade playtime.

Who this is not for:

Waxes aren't for everybody. If you're not into a strong hold and you prefer a softer look with more movement, you can skip this brand.

You need this:

  • Black & White Original Pluko: This is the real deal - waterproof, weatherproof, heavy duty, and sculptable, all with a nice, light scent. Voted by In Style Magazine as “the best natural groomer,” there's a good reason Johnny Depp uses this stuff!
  • Black & White Pluko Lite has a lighter consistency and hold than the original. Leaves you with great shine and smells wonderfully of coconut oil.
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