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Watch the Evolution of Shaving in One Awesome

Next time you pick up your Merkur 34C Heavy Duty or your shiny chrome Edwin Jagger DE89BA11, take a moment to remember that shaving wasn’t always so easy.

The first “razors” were nothing more than sharp rocks that were harshly scraped against the face… ideally a flaked piece of flint or a shard of obsidian. And it didn’t get much better for quite some time, even as the the first bronze, copper, and iron razors came into existence (imagine shaving with the equivalent of a dull butter knife).

It wasn’t until the late 18th century that things got a bit easier… when Jean-Jacques Perret came up with what many consider to be the first “safety razor.”

The shave game changed again in the early 1900s when a guy by the name of King C. Gillette developed the first modern, doubled-edged safety razor. And from there things really took off. From the rise of the electric razor, to the dawn of multi-bladed disposables, shaving continues to evolve today (will we ever see a 10 bladed razor?). But does all this new “shave tech” make for a better shave? That’s up to the individual, however it’s hard to ignore the massive resurgence of the streamlined, efficient, and simple design of “old school” safety razors, especially when looking at the premium models from brands like Merkur, Edwin Jagger, and Muhle.

But however you choose to remove your stubble, one look at the above GIF proves that we are shaving with the F-22 Raptors of the shaving world… at least in comparison to what your great, great, great, great grandpa had to work with.

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