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12 Days of Christmas Daily Deals! Day 7: $15 WCS Aftershaves Splashes
WCS Two-Tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush Review-West Coast Shaving

WCS Two-Tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush Review

Part of embracing classic, wet shaving is learning to whip up a great, protective lather with a shaving brush. With WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush, you are getting premium brush hair at a reasonable price. It boasts top-of-line silvertip badger hair in a large knot so you are getting plenty of premium hair in this shaving brush. It will have you creating a rich, dense, creamy lather in no time at all. And you will look great doing it with a retro two-tone handle. Most shaving brushes with silvertip hair will cost you upwards of $100. West Coast Shaving offers this brush for less than $85. 

Shaving brush with red and white handle and silvertip hair on a black table


WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush Specifications

  • Weight: 115g
  • Knot (diameter of hair): 26mm
  • Loft (height of the hair): 56mm
  • Handle Height: 75mm
  • Total Height: 131mm
  • Price: $85 (and often on sale for less than $70)

About West Coast Shaving

West Coast Shaving began as a side hustle in a small, southern California condo in 2007. The first items were simply sample packs of razor blades that scratched an itch for the growing wet shaving crowd. Instead of buying tons of blades that they never used, new wet shavers could buy these sample packs and try out all kinds of different razor blades at a fraction of the price. Now, West Coast Shaving is crafting their own wet shaving products to offer high quality products at a price that allows anyone to get in the wet shaving game. They are passionate about bringing wet shaving to all.


Shaving brush handles can be as varied as the people who use them: colors, shapes, materials, and size vary greatly. If you want a fun, classic, easy-to-grip handle, then you will like this offering. The WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush handle might give you some retro vibes with its two-toned physique. 

Like classic shaving brushes of yesteryear, the resin handle boasts a base color and another complimentary collar color. The WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush offers three handle choices: gray-over-black, white-over-translucent blue, or white-over-red. While it might look like the brush that you grandpa used, there are some modern twists that appeal to a new generation of classic shavers, particularly the size.

All of the WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush handles are a tall 75mm. This makes them great for man hands as there is plenty of brush to grip and it fits nicely in the hand. It is also nice to grasp it by the collar for good balance when whipping up your lather. The extra length also makes this handle appealing for mug/bowl lathers. However, it will whip up a lather anywhere - face, palm, bowl. 

Other shaving brush handles are much smaller, but the WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush has some heft and gives you something to hold onto. The resin is also a nice choice as it is long-lasting and resists water damage. Unlike wood or metal, this handle will look great for a long time with minimal maintenance.

West Coast Shaving has also added some attractive details to the WCS Two-Tone Silvertip Shaving Brush, like a coin in the handle. The bottom of the handle boasts a West Coast Shaving embossed coin so the shaving brush looks pretty dope, lit, bogee, cool, fly (insert adjective of choice) resting on a drying stand. 

 Blue/white shaving brush laying on its side showing coin in the bottom of the handle


Shaving brushes can be made with all sorts of different hair/bristles. Badger, boar, horse, and synthetic are the most common options. Badger hair, specifically the top-of-the-line silvertip, is often considered the creme-de-al-creme of shaving brush material. 

Badger hair in general is a popular choice because of its outstanding qualities. Badger hair has exceptional water retention which aids it in properly hydrating a later to whip up the best possible lubricant. Being able to hold the warm water well aids in the creation of your lather. This natural hair is slightly coarse which works well to exfoliate your skin and raise the hair to prepare it for the blade. Badger hair is also praised for its face feel, especially as you move up in price and luxury. 

Silvertip hair comes from the neck of the badger and it is most prized for its great water retention, backbone (firmness), and soft tips (which often have a white/silver appearance that gives it its name.) This also means it is the most expensive, luxurious, premium of the options. 

WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush is loaded with this exceptional silvertip badger hair. It has the perfect backbone for loading and lathering your shaving brush. It feels pillowy soft on your face as you build or apply the nice thick lather that it helps to create.   


The knot refers to the diameter of the bundle of hairs that is glued into the handle. The loft is the length of that bundle of hairs, measured from the top of the handle to the tip of the hair. Both are measured in millimeters. 

One of the biggest differences between the WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush and the one your grandpa used is size/amount of hair. Brushes of decades past were often small and gripped more with the fingers than the hand. 

Commonly, you will find shaving brushes with the knot of about 21-24mm knot and a loft about 50mm. But more and more today’s shavers are looking for shaving brushes closer to 26mm with a loft topping 55mm. Most modern men are attracted to bigger shaving brushes. 

The WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush meets the needs of the modern shaver with its 26mm knot and 57mm loft. These larger shaving brushes cover more surface area so you spend less time lathering/applying. They also give users more to hold on to. It is easier to grip and lather. 

When picking the right shaving brush, it is important to find a balance between a large brush that hogs a lot of lather and “wastes” soap or one that is too small to hold enough lather. The WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush holds and releases lather well. It is not so small that it doesn’t retain enough lather; but it’s not so big that it loads but doesn’t release it.


Black/gray shaving brush handle with silvertip badger hair on black table



The WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush is a very good price to value ratio. Silvertip badger hair is the most expensive on the market, but West Coast Shaving has worked to make it as affordable as possible. This is truly an excellent price for getting into the silvertip game. 

Well-known and much lauded, Simpson’s top shaving brush hair option, called Super Best Badger, ranges from about $160 to upwards of $280. Comparably sized shaving brushes from brush makers like Vulfix, Omega, and Merkur in this premium hair will cost you over $100. 

At less than $100 dollars for a 26mm knot, you are getting a deal that can hardly be beat.  Exceptional quality hair, excellent price point.

Pro: Con:
-Large -Large brush may not be for everyone
-Well-made -Taller handle may be unwieldy for some
-Coin on the handle


Bottom Line:


If you’ve been looking to get into the Silvertip Badger Hair game, try the WCS Two-tone Tall Silvertip Shaving Brush: top-notch performance, exceptional price, and classy appearance. 

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