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Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!
Stainless Steel Safety Razors By Karve Now Available!

We love our funny customers!

Thank you to Mr. M for having us all laughing over here at West Coast Shaving with your stellar review of the Simpson Wee Scot. It is customers like you you make our job really fun! Please enjoy his review for yourself below and swing on over to see what others are saying about this great brush!

Title: Feels Just Like A Real Badger 

Back in 1973 I was flying over the Rocky Mountains in a small private jet with my friend and hiking companion. Something went wrong with the turbine and the plane descended into the forest. I was the only survivor. My wounds weren't too bad as we landed in a large amount of snow. I was battered and bruised and couldn't move for some time.

It took months before anyone found us. Days turned into weeks as I foraged for food and had to build my own shelter out of twigs and branches I could find around me. A snowstorm hit and I was beginning to lose hope. I woke up to a badger talking to me. He put his little badger paw on me and it woke me up. The next thing I knew I had the remains of a half eaten rodent on my chest and the badger was gone. 

I hobbled over to an area where I could clear a space and grabbed some more wood and made a fire and ate that night. I vowed to make it my goal to find the badger and show him the same compassion he had showed me. 

I didn't see him for days, then one day a pack of wolves came and they were not interested in me or my new habitat. They were chasing after something and I heard the call of my new friend. The wolves had found his den and were trying to make their way in. 

I grabbed a large stick, cast it into the fire and picked it up and swung the flaming stick angrily at the wolves. They ran in fear as I screamed into the night. I placed some meat I had at the entrance of the badger's den and fell into the snow in exhaustion. The badger came out of his den and sniffed the meat. He then came up to me and I crouched down to his level. A single tear came from his eye and he nuzzled his cold little badger nose against my cheek. 

I told him of my gratitude of his kindness and he brushed his face against mine and grabbed his dinner I had given him, and walked back towards his home. 

He then turned around and we shared our last moment together and his eyes seemed to say "Thank you". 

Just then, the search parties arrived and a helicopter landed and I had been found! I went back home to my family. I never told them of the friend I had made. 

It wasn't until I found this website and bought this badger brush that I was reminded of the time I had with an unlikely companion. 

Every day I shave with this brush I am reminded of how beautiful life is and that there is hope in the darkest of times. 

Overall Rating: 5

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