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15% Off TOBS. Use Code TOBS15

Wet Shaving 3.0 - Welcome to Our New Home

If you've been here before, you know things look a little different around here today. I wouldn't be exaggerating when I say this has been an immense amount of work for an entire team of people. This project actually started about two years. I'd love to say everything followed the plan, but there were many start and stops, complete abandonment of completed work, and many, many lost hairs. What finally made our store upgrade possible was finding the right software and right people. That may seem obvious, but it's incredible hard to do.

You're looking at our new home and we hope you love the improvements. What does this mean for you?

Most importantly, if you have been to our site before, you're account was migrated. However, your password, being encrypted was not. It's a security thing.Simply request a password reset, follow the link in the email and you'll be on your way in a few minutes.

What else can you expect from this snazzy new store?

  • Improved navigation. We admit the old site became a little overwhelming with more than 2,000 products. We've spent a lot of time making navigation more intuitive and more usable. You'll see attribute filtering on the left column for categories now, which will help you narrow down your choices. Right now we have only a few, but will be building this out as we go.
  • Ease of checkout. Seriously. Just try it. How did we ever live with our old checkout?
  • Bigger photos! Yea!
  • Easier to find customer care info. Click that drop-down in the upper-left corner. 
  • Improved content. We've built out some new pages, like our Buyer's Guide and What is Traditional Shaving, and will be working on making these and others reference quality pages.
  • A lot of what you see just plain works better. Gift certificates are easy to use. You can select how many items to show when viewing categories. Search is easier to use. Many, many more but not enough space to list them all.
  • There are a ton of new features available to us and we will be rolling them out over the next couple weeks.

We've been testing and testing. I found an issue at 2:00am last night. Er...morning? If you find anything, please let us know. We are working around the clock to make sure this site is the best shaving and grooming site on the planet. And yes, we know some pages still need a little cleanup (like this one) and we're on it!

Even if you don't find a problem, we'd love the feedback on the new site. We're pretty proud of it and hope you enjoy it even more than we do.

And about that joke...

"A man asked the barber How much for a haircut?
$20 said the barber.
And how much for a shave?
OK, shave my head."

All the best from your West Coast Shaving Family!

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