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Wet Shaving Tips for a Kissable Face-West Coast Shaving

Wet Shaving Tips for a Kissable Face

Beards and Mustaches may have had their time in the spotlight, but we want to give a shout out to the clean-shaven mug. And really what is more kissable than a smooth, soft, scented cheek? There is no better way to achieve your desired outcome than with a classic wet shave.

Classic Wet Shave Tips for Valentine (or Anytime) Kisses:

  • Step One: Take a Shower
  • Start with a long, hot shower (your absence will be noted and absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Just don’t use up ALL the hot water, then you will be in . . . well, ahem, hot water). But really, a hot shower will open your pores and soften your whiskers in preparation for a shave. Get behind your ears like your momma taught you. Good grooming is never misplaced, so scrub up - and down. Also, consider a preshave. Using a product to really soften those whiskers will lead to closer, smoother wet shave.  'Cause that’s what we are aiming for here, eh? 

  • Step Two: Choose a Soap
  • A mug of delightfully frothy shaving cream or soap is just what you need to lubricate and protect your skin for a BBS wet shave. So pick a shaving soap that will get you a nickless shave. Creating a billowy, cushiony layer between your blade and your skin is a must for a kissable cheek. So we aren’t talking canned foam here, people. Break out your brush and bowl and get lathering. We recommend WCS Shaving Soap, Gatsby V2

  • Step Three: Ply the Razor
  • Use a safety razor (or, for the even more adventurous among us, a straight razor) for a close, irritation-free wet shave. Choose a razor and blade that you are most confident with. This is not the time to experiment. Perfection is what you are aiming for. And with your one smooth blade, aim for at least one pass that goes against or across the grain for a particularly close shave. Since you are probably already aware of the benefits found in using a single edge on your face instead of a multiple blade cartridge, we don’t need to sell you on how much better your skin will fare. But as a quick recap: less irritation + fewer nicks & ingrown hairs = healthier skin. And healthy skin is kissable skin. Try our popular & affordable WCS Midnight Collection Razor 84B

  • Step Four: Add an aftershave 
  • Speaking of healthier skin. . . you’ve just dragged a sharpened piece of steel over your face! Even with the lubricating lather and single, smooth blade of a classic wet shave, your skin has experienced some trauma. Grab a post-shave product to nourish your face.  Choosing something that can tighten, tone, and nourish will leave you with confidence. . . and confidence is magnetic. (Pro-tip: chase your aftershave splash with a balm to really lock in moisture.) Our West Coast Shaving Skin Food has just what your skin needs. Check out West Coast Shaving Aftershave Skin Food, Oriental    

  • Step Five: Take it Up a Notch
  • A splash adds a nice scent to your shave, but if you really want to take it up a notch (and really that IS what we are hoping to do here), then grab yourself a signature scent! You need a cologne, eau de toilette, or eau de parfum to take into your day (or your date) to gently caress the senses of anyone who comes near. Something with a stronger scent will pull her in, tickle her fancy, and maybe even get you kissed. Just remember that less is more with cologne. (Pro-tip: Entice, don’t attack.) Match the above aftershave with our West Coast Shaving Eau de Parfum, Oriental



    Five o’clock shadow might look sexy on the ads, but when you pull her in close, she isn’t looking for sand paper to caress with her lips. Follow these steps for a perfectly possible, practically flawless, positively kissable wet shave.

    Now, we aren’t asking you to kiss-and-tell, but what scents are you splashing on these days?

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    Barrett Benton - February 13, 2019

    Favorite scent? The one I’ve used for – wow, over 25 years? – J. Peterman’s 1903. Seriously. Can’t take most men’s colognes too seriously, which way too often come off as a 14-year-old’s concept of “manly.” Goes wonderfully with the very subtle scents from my fave shave cream (D.R. Harris Arlington), aftershave (Pre de Provence No. 63), and hair pomade (Taconic Shave Wax Pomade).

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