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20% Off All WCS Branded Products!

What a Woman Wants...or What THIS Woman Wants

Do you have any idea what it feels like to kiss a cactus?  Well, I can tell you, most women know exactly what I am talking about.  For me, I have to say there is nothing better than a clean shaven man!  That smooth-shaven face (which, if you are doing it right, lasts more then a few hours for most) is lovely.  And it should pay off for you...hopefully.  (Insert winky smilie face.)

But, here is my moment of grace and honesty for the hairy man who is well groomed.  I suppose that beard would soften up after a bit of time. That's a good argument.  I also have to confess that I often have stopped men with well-manicured and fine-looking mustaches to let them know how impressed I am.  This is odd, yes, but this is why I love owning West Coast Shaving with John.  
The key is being a well-groomed hairy man, and it is critical.  It's really important to have clean edges. You certainly do not want small forest animals living in there either.  And if you can't do it because the hair on your face is thin, it is totally okay to stop trying.  I give you my permission. Your mom's not going to tell you—or maybe she is—but you need to know. There's no shame in shaving it all off.

The bottom line is that I think you either have to clean it up or go for the gold and grow that baby!  That in-between stage (unless you are working toward a goal) is just looking lazy and is not great for the ladies as far as how that scruff feels against her face.  Throw on a nice aftershave or cologne and you'll have her swooning!
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