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What Are the Differences in Aftershaves?-West Coast Shaving

What Are the Differences in Aftershaves?

In this installment of Shaving 101, Aviv and Jared splash around with some aftershaves and give you the skinny on your post-shave possibilities. Check out this video: Aftershave Differences Shaving 101.

There is so much goodness to enjoy even after your shave is finished. Once you’ve plied the blade and patted your face dry with a towel, what are you going to do with that freshly shaved face?

Aftershave Options

There are a number of aftershave possibilities, but let’s look at three options. No matter which one you choose the goal is the same: disinfect, tighten, hydrate. Use an aftershave alum block or splash to close pores and do some light disinfecting, and then use an aftershave balm or moisturizer to trap in moisture.

  • Aftershave Alum Block

An aftershave alum block is great to rub over your skin to close up pores, disinfect, tone, and tighten. However, it does sting where it contacts open skin, so some people aren’t a fan. That being said, the aftershave alum block is great at stopping the bleeding as well. It will leave your skin cool and refreshed (and kill surface bacteria, too).

  • Aftershave Splash

The aftershave splash is probably the most well-known option for post-shave products. As you would expect, a splash is applied to your skin after your shave. Splashes come in both alcohol-based and witch-hazel based. Alcohol-based aftershave splashes might bring to mind Macaulay Culkin in “Home Alone”. Many wet shavers love the bracing sting of astringent alcohol. Witch Hazel-based aftershave splashes can give you the benefits of a mild disinfectant without the burn. Both (alcohol or witch hazel based aftershave splashes) will tone your skin and close your pores. In addition, these products can be loaded with goodies to help nourish your skin. Different ingredients like glycerin, oils, and more can be used to help with moisturizing.  

  • Aftershave Balm / Moisturizer

Regular application of an aftershave balm will keep your skin from drying out and reduce issues of dry skin, redness, irritation, etc. The aftershave balm can be used as a stand-alone product or after your alum block or aftershave splash. Too often, we don’t treat dry skin, like our hands, until it is a problem - cracking, pain, soreness. In order to avoid this scenario in the first place, make a moisturizer a daily part of your after shave routine, especially if you tend toward dry skin. And you don’t need a lot. Just a dime sized amount is usually enough to cover your face adequately - using more than a dime-size amount and you just waste the product hanging out on your hands, since your face can’t absorb any more. Aftershave balms and moisturizers can come in a wide range of consistencies, colors, and scents.

Aftershave Scents & More


Another phenomenal aspect of post-shave products are the plethora of scents that can be found. You can get matching sets of soap and splashes, or like Jared, you might find you have one aftershave splash that works with a range of soaps - citrus scented, sandalwood scented, bay rum scented. Maybe, like Aviv, you shave at night and would prefer no scent at all. There are many aftershave scent options to meet your needs.

Another aspect of aftershaves to consider is your geography or season of the year. If you live in New York in winter, you might find you never use your more drying alcohol-based splashes, but if you live in Miami and it is August. . .  a mentholated alcohol-based aftershave splash might have just the cooling you need.

West Coast Shaving offers over 300 different aftershave options. Check them out today. Or grab a sample pack for testing different scents and styles, or even when you are on-the-go, as they are great for travel.

Let us know if we carry your favorite aftershave in the comments below. (Or let us know what we are missing!)

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fred anderson - June 24, 2019

I have been using Polo after shave balm green for 40 years. Polo just discontinued it a few months ago. What do you have that you would recommend as the closest to the Polo after shave BALM green scent and feel. Must be a balm. Look forward to your product recommendation. Fred (PS – Tell Aviv it’s Fred Anderson asking.)

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