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What is a Safety Razor For & What are the Benefits?-West Coast Shaving

What is a Safety Razor For & What are the Benefits?

Had enough of expensive cartridges? Dread the irritation, nicks, and chore of daily shaving? Ready to love the skin you’re in (and the planet you live on)? Then read on, because we have your solution, and it isn’t some new-fangled tool or process. It is simply a return to the wet shave, a process your grandfather, and likely your great-grandfather, used. A safety razor is the salvation of your shave. Check out the benefits, terminology, and history of the safety razor.  

  1. Best Shave of your life:  Shaving with a safety razor will get you the closest and smoothest shave of your life while cutting down on irritation. Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. The tools and process of wet shaving have been perfected over the past 100 years to bring you the best shave of your life.
  2. Keep money in your pocket: Shaving with a safety razor will save you over $150 in three years compared to the cheapest subscription program out there. Buying Gillette's? You are looking at over $250 in savings. We don’t like throwing away money here at West Coast Shaving. Keep money in your pocket, where it belongs.
  3. Never Deal with Skin Issues Again: Multi-blade razors cut your hair below the surface of your skin causing ingrown hairs and razor burn. With the single blade used in a safety razor, you are cutting the hair level with your skin. That remedies your ingrown hairs, bumps, and you will notice that your skin has less redness post shave. In other words, your skin will love you.
  4. Traditional: Shaving with a safety razor has been around since 1904. There is a beauty in being able to connect with the great men that shaved with this method before you, especially when safety razors get passed down through generations of family members. Your safety razor can become a family heirloom.
  5. Save the planet: According to the EPA, 2 billion cartridge razors are thrown away each year. The extra plastic and packaging in cartridge razors are filling up our landfills. Safety razors are much more minimal in their waste, and biodegrade more quickly. Cartridge razors may be the most wasteful product we use in the bathroom, start saving the planet now - with a safety razor.



There are a few different styles of safety razors for different purposes. There is a perfect safety razor for each person based on their frequency of shaving and sensitivity of their skin. Check out the following descriptions of the different safety razors to see what works best for you.

Closed Comb or safety bar refers to the guard that provides a layer of protection between the blade and your face. Most DE safety razors are closed comb. Beginners to wet shaving should definitely start with these safety razors because they offer the most level of protection. Closed Comb razors are great for all levels of shavers as well.


Open Comb razors have openings in the safety bar that allows for more of the razor blade to be exposed to your skin. This creates a more “aggressive” shaving experience, meaning that the shave will more quickly remove your hair. But there is also a higher risk of cutting yourself. This could be a great solution if you have really thick hair or shave infrequently.  


Slant Razors utilize a razor blade that is torqued, so that it slices your hair at an angle, just like you might cut vegetables. With vegetables, you hold the knife at an angle and slice through as opposed to chopping off. The blade torque makes slants a little harder to get used to, but they are great once you do. They are extremely efficient and still provide good protection to your skin. This is a great alternative to an open comb if the open comb is causing irritation or not cutting through your hair efficiently. 


Adjustable razors allow you to change the space between the razor blade and the safety bar (known as the “blade gap”). The larger the blade gap the more aggressive a safety razor. There are many shavers that like to be able to change the aggression in the middle of their shave or based on how many days have passed since their last shave. 


Butterfly Razors refer to safety razors that open from the top with butterfly doors, allowing the blades to be inserted and removed quicker and easier. These razors are perfect for those that may feel uncomfortable with handling a blade or want a nostalgic looking razor.



The safety razor was developed in 1904 by King Gillette. It was given the name Safety Razor because it was safer than other methods at the time. Gillette's innovation in shaving led to his product's success because he was awarded a contract to supply his safety razor to the American troops during World War I. His safety razor was included in the standard safety field kit, which all troops received during their service. The returning soldiers were able to keep their field Kit and as a result, they were able to keep the shaving routine from when they were overseas. This trend led to a new market for double edge blades in America. Previously, razors had to be honed and stropped, or to get a great shave, one needed to go to a barber. King Gillette’s innovation in shaving with the safety razor forever changed the modern grooming routine for men.


Below you will find some of the most common terms associated with safety razors.

What is a Handle?

The handle is the part of the safety razor you hold while shaving.

What Is a Razor Head?

The razor head is the top part of the razor that holds the blade.

What is a 3-Piece razor?

A 3-piece razor is a safety razor that is made up of 3 pieces: the handle, the base plate, and the top cap.

What is a Base Plate?

The base plate of the razor is the bottom part of the razor head.

What is a Top Cap?

The Top Cap of the razor is the top part of the razor head.

What is a Safety Razor?

A safety razor is a shaving tool that acts as a protective device between the skin and the blade. The original intended purpose of the safety razor was to reduce the frequency of injury during shave and the skill needed for a proper shave. The safety razor greatly reduced the reliance on going to a barber for shaving.

What is a Double Edge Razor?

Double Edge blade refers to the blade and razor being able to shave on both sides.

What is Single Edge Razor?

Single edge refers to the blade and the razor being able to be shaved on one side only

What is a Closed Comb Razor?

Closed comb or safety bar refers to the guard that provides a layer of protection between the blade and your face being of one solid piece.

What is an Open Comb Razor?

Open comb allows for small openings along the safety bar that increase the level of aggression and efficiency in the shave.

What is an Adjustable Razor?

Adjustable means the razor can adjust the blade gap allowing for a more or less aggressive shave.

What is Slant Razor?

Slant refers the the type of safety razor that holds the blade in a slant position

What is a Butterfly Razor?

Butterfly refers to the types of safety razor that open up with butterfly doors

What is blade gap?

Blade gap refers to the space between the double edge blade and the safety bar, the bigger the gap the more aggressive the shave.

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Taylor Abrams - April 24, 2023

I’m very delighted you commented that using a safety razor significantly decreased the need to see a barber to shave. In my perspective, a safety razor will be a wonderful addition to my husband’s self-care supplies. This information is helpful, and I’ll look for a safety razor to give him.

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