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What's the Best Safety Razor for Women?-West Coast Shaving

What's the Best Safety Razor for Women?

Choosing a double-edge safety razor is better for the environment, better for your skin, and better for your wallet, but how do you know the best safety razor for women? Ladies, if you are ready to jump on the classic shaving train then here are a few things to consider.

  • Closed comb: Picking a closed comb (or safety bar) head is a great way to get started. This extra bar of protection contacts the skin before the blade to prevent undue exposure to the blade. This makes it a great way for a beginner to start, especially as your “terrain” involves everything from underarms to ankles.
  • Extra length: A longer handle is often preferred by women shavers as it allows a bit more reach for legs, underarms, and even your private areas. Since women don’t tend to focus on the small area of the face, a bit more handle is nice. This extra length allows you to still let the weight of the razor do the heavy lifting, even when you are reaching down near your toes.
  • Slim diameter: Some women like a daintier handle to fit in their hand better than the heavy duty or bulky handle of some safety razors. A slim handle fits the hand and allows you to keep the control of the razor. A light grip lets the razor head do the work rather than adding extra pressure. 
  • Easy maintenance: A safety razor should be easy to maintain. Just let it dry between uses and you will extend its longevity. Changing the blades lets you inspect and clean the razor so you can reduce infection and rusting. Keep it clean from soap build up and as dry as possible. (While shaving in the shower is a common occurrence, you are discouraged from leaving your safety razor there as it is too humid an environment). So pick a razor in stainless steel or with a silicone handle to reduce chances of water damage. 
  • Reflects your personality: Fun, quirky, elegant, natural. There is a safety razor to meet any personality. Once you’ve discovered how to wet shave, you can enjoy the seemingly endless ways to indulge in this hobby. Including finding a razor to reflect who you are.

Our Best Safety Razor for Women:

  • WCS Women’s Silicone Safety Razor: This one checks all the boxes for women shavers. It has a beautiful closed comb head that is designed for almost fool-proof shaving. The silicone handle is long, slim, easy to grip and easy to maintain. You can even pick from three different colors: classic ivory, blush pink, or luscious mocha.

More and more, women are embracing classic wet shaving as a me-time spa treatment, giving us more control of the very personal experience of women’s shaving, and making a positive effect on the environment. Why are you wet shaving and what is your best safety razor for women? Tell us in the comments below.

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