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Why Are Women Embracing Classic Wet Shaving?-West Coast Shaving

Why Are Women Embracing Classic Wet Shaving?

To shave or not to shave? That is a driving question for women today. It seems that there are more techniques and options with shaving (or not shaving) than ever before. Hair removal can be done with creams, lasers, razors, and more. Women are removing hair from visible and not-so-visible areas -- and a growing population of women aren’t removing hair at all. So, what will you do with your choice? Many women today are embracing the classic, wet shave like generations before them.

If you are going to shave, there are some great reasons to make it a wet shave. 

  • Economical - 
  • If you are used to paying for disposal pink razors with ergonomic handles, then you know the effect it can have on your pocket. They dull quickly and need to be replaced frequently. That can add up. If you’ve gone the way of spa treatments with lasers and waxes, you are also aware of the accompanying price tag. Adopting the classic wet shaving, can have some nice advantages to your wallet. After the initial cost of these tools, the expense of replacement blades is just pennies per blade and you can do it at home. 

  • Environmental - 
  • The effect on the environment is even more impactful than the financial savings. A classic wet shave reduces your environmental footprint. There is less waste as you aren’t purchasing goods just to throw them away. A classic wet shave uses tools that last a lifetime and artisan soaps/creams. By using a safety razor you are reducing the amount of cartridges and plastic disposables that end up in the landfill each year. In fact, using a blade bank (a metal or thick plastic container from your used blades) and recycling the stainless steel can even further reduce your waste. In addition, soaps and creams used in wet shaving often last much longer than washes or canned foams so. . . less waste. And many of the soaps come in refill pucks when even less packaging. A classic wet shave is an environmentally-friendly shave.

  • Effective -
  • Once you get the technique down, wet shaving is really the closest shave you can get. And it cuts down on razor burn and bumps too. A single sharp blade effectively removing hair is much safer than those multi-blade cartridges scraping 4-5x more across your sensitive skin. One blade also collects less soap scum and build-up for a cleaner shave. You can also change blades frequently and clean the razor so it is more hygienic and less likely to lead to irritation. 

  • Enjoyable - 
  • Lastly, a classic wet shave is just, well, more enjoyable. A little bit of me-time. Some home spa treatment. When you can use lovely tools (razor, brush, bowl, cream), create a frothy, fragrant lather, and get a touchably soft skin, what more could you ask for? Many classic shavers deem this the most compelling reason to ditch the cartridge and foam. Taking back the chore of daily grooming and making it a delight is no small reason to embrace this age old practice. 


    Ladies, what are your reasons for embracing the classic shave? Let us know in the comments below.

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