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New WCS Shaving Soaps & Splashes Available Now!
Why Build Your Own Shaving Kit?-West Coast Shaving

Why Build Your Own Shaving Kit?

A shaving kit is a great way to start your wet shaving journey, give the gift of wet shaving to a friend, or upgrade your existing arsenal. Buying all the items you need in one fell swoop is often efficient and cost-effective. You get everything delivered right to you with no fuss and no muss at a great price. But you might find you are limited by the pre-packaged sets. Enter West Coast Shaving - Build Your Own Wet Shaving Kits. Following are seven reasons why building your own shaving kit set might be your best option.

Why choose to build your own shaving kit?

  1. Starting your journey - When you are looking to begin your foray into classic wet shaving, you can quickly get overwhelmed by the number of choices, products, options, etc. Beginning with a shaving kit helps to narrow the decision making process and guide you in the right direction for your shaving tools.
  2. Picking a kit - Kits can be as simple as a brush and razor or as elaborate as the basics plus stands, bowls, towels. This is why we like the build your own shaving set option. You can focus on the products YOU want. 
  3. Quality at a great price - Building your own kit with West Coast Shaving means you are getting our quality products but at a reduced rate, when you buy them all together. Whether it is a brand name artisan that you’ve been eyeing or one of our very West Coast Shaving branded items, you know you are getting quality.
  4. Ease of purchase - Buying a kit is a simple process. One purchase and you are good to go. You can also save on shipping costs as opposed to buying each item separately. 
  5. Aesthetics - Our curated kits are often grouped by color & design to allow you to find the right match for your shaving den -- or personality.  As you build, you can choose the right aesthetic for you. 
  6. Customization - Building your shaving kit allows you freedom within parameters. Want to upgrade the brush? Sure thing. Want the nicer razor? You got it. Thinking to add on an item? No problem. Create the custom shaving kit you want with the products you want. Simply the basics or an exercise in luxury, you can do you with a build-your-own kit. 
  7. Wet shaving for all - Women will also love the freedom to choose when they build their own shaving kits. Want a longer handle for the unique needs of women’s bodies? Pick your length. Want to find your own favorite scent? Find the option that you want. Wet shaving isn’t just for men, and neither is building your own kit. 


Better for your wallet, better for the world, better for your shaving pleasure. Build your own kit with West Coast Shaving and you won’t be disappointed. 

These are great reasons to build your own shaving kit, but what is your reason? Let us know in the comments below.

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