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Why is Shaving with a Safety Razor Better

Why is Shaving with a Safety Razor Better?

Is Shaving with a Safety Razor Better?

Back in the day (before triple venti no foam lattes and cloud computing), things were simple, and simple worked well. The DE safety razor itself was a beautifully sculpted tool that was meant to last a lifetime. It reflected the integrity and purposefulness of the man who used it. So, it is no wonder that our modern age is longing to rediscover wet shaving.

Traditional Wet Shaving with a safety razor is one of the best ways to shave, hands down. We are going to walk you through 5 reasons why shaving with a safety razor is great.

  1. It is a Better Shave
  2. It is Less Expensive
  3. It is Traditional
  4. It is Environmentally Friendly
  5. It is Enjoyable

Safety Razors Give You a Better Shave:

Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with cartridge or electric razors. The main reason is that with a safety razor you only have one blade against your skin at any time.

If you use a 5 blade cartridge razor and go over an area of your face 3 times, you have now exposed one area of skin to 15 passes of a blade. In comparison, if you are using a safety razor, you are only exposing the skin to one blade at a pass. The fewer times that you rake your face with a blade, the happier it is going to be.

The technique and process of shaving with a safety razor will also help you hone your skill for an optimal shave. The safety razor will let you know when you are doing something wrong, which allows you to adjust your future shaves and continually get better results.


Enjoy Cost Savings with Safety Razors:

Wet Shaving Saves You Money chart

A West Coast Shaving Safety Razor cost $21.96. A year’s supply of razor blades costs anywhere from $15 - $40 dollars. That means that your total first year cost will be between $40-$60, and every subsequent year will be in the $15-$40 range. Compare that to the average cartridge razor that costs $2.50 - $3.00 per cartridge (if you are shopping on Amazon in bulk) for a total cost of $120 - $144 a year. Even Dollar shave club runs $6 a month for a total of $72 a year. Anyway that you look at it, you are saving money.


Safety Razors are Traditional:

John F Kennedy, Teddy Roosevelt and your grandfather all shaved with a Double Edge Safety Razor. It was a time before multiple blade razors and aerosol cans, where shaving was an artful process that was passed down from father to son. Shaving with a safety razor reflected that way of life, where tasks were done with craftsmanship, patience and deliberate purpose. 


Safety Razors are Environmentally Friendly:

The biggest environmental issue with disposable razors is that they are not recyclable. According to the EPA, 2 billion disposable razors end up in land fills every year. That’s billion, with a “b”. The steel DE razor blades are recyclable, which can drastically reduce the negative environmental impact. And the razor itself can last a lifetime. In addition, shaving soap often comes in reusable bowls or refill pucks. Not to mention, no more aerosol can with questionable propellants.


A More Enjoyable Shaving Experience:

Shaving with a safety razor is simply more enjoyable, for a few reasons.

1) The razor: The safety razor itself is a metal piece of art that adds a manly aesthetic to a bathroom.

2) The story: Many of the products have a story behind them. Where they are made, the person who started the line, the scents that are present. Each story element creates a connection to the product and the industry, making the shave feel like you are part of a community- which you are.

3) The Focus: The process of shaving with a safety razor demands focus. There is a process that needs to be followed to get the shave done correctly. That focus pulls you into the moment of shaving, and that concentration makes you forget about everything else. You get a few minutes to yourself where you are enjoying the tradition, scents, and art of shaving with a safety razor.


Shaving with a safety razors allows you to take shaving (which many people hate to do on a daily basis) and turn it into something enjoyable. You are participating in a traditional method, you save money, you get a better shave, you help the environment, and you go from 3 minutes of suffering to 10 minutes of bliss. What led you to wet shaving? Other reasons to embrace the blade & brush?

Check out the video below to hear Jared and Aviv discuss these 5 points of wet shaving even further.

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Angelo Americo - March 9, 2021

Great article WCS. What led me to traditional wet shaving was that I grew tired and frustrated with the multi blade cartridge razors and electric shavers. Last time I used a multi blade razor; my face was a bloody mess. The cartridge was well past its expiration. I had to walk to the local drug store that was open 24/7 to get a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding; holding a bloody paper towel on my wounds the whole time. With the electric razors they were pitiful in performance; 2 hours after shaving with them I had a full 5 o’clock shadow forming. Once I Had my first shave with a DE safety razor, shave soap, brush and aftershave I was converted. I’ll never use a cartridge razor or electric razor again.

Vernon Bowling - April 29, 2020

Just bought the titanium razor. I’ve used Gillette’s safety razors for years as well as soaps and brushes but still hated to do it except every 3 to 4 days, perhaps because of the Van der Hagen blades, but when I got the titanium paired with a merkur blade, I did it everyday this week. Followed by a sterling lime balm and Pinaud Musk reminded me why I shave, look good, feel good. My 2nd purchase from West Coast Shaving will not be my last.

Jay Cohen - September 11, 2019

Love this, I’m ordering a kit in few minutes.

Jay Cohen - September 23, 2019

Love this, I’m ordering a kit in few minutes.

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