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Why Spend Money On A Good Comb? Kent Is Why!

Kent OG4 Rectangular Hair Brush

You might wonder why in the world you need to spend more than just a few bucks on a comb. You can buy a cheap comb at a drugstore, and--if you don't lose it--it will last you years. But I challenge you to start thinking about your comb differently. It's something that you use at least once at day--more often if you plan to hit the gym or get caught in the wind. It's one of those things that you use often, and the difference between a good comb and a bad comb can be significant. It is not just about straightening those stray hairs; it's about how it feels on your scalp.

I do not claim to be any kind of expert on combs at all. I am an ordinary and simple person. But as one of the owners of WestCoast Shaving, I do have lots of combs and brushes to try. In fact, I comb/brush my hair and my kids' hair every day multiple times because for some reason kids are always getting crazy hair. Even in their little minds, some combs or brushes feel better than others. My daughter has quite a routine in the morning getting ready for school because she has to use her brush because her brush does not hurt. Even my boys, at ages 8 and 9, are very particular about what brushes they like and don't like.

But what about combs specifically? I am particularly fond of Kent combs. They are well made in England, and they just feel good! Pretty simple. It's kind of like when you step up from supermarket hair products to a higher-end brand. You just find that you never want to go back to what you had before.

A good comb is an investment, and really, it's a pretty tiny one at that. But that investment is one that will make a difference every day. Watch this short video below about how Kent has been handcrafting brushes and combs in England for centuries. Then try out one out for yourself today and see if you agree with me. And please give us some feedback, too! We love your comments.

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