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Why Women are Turning to Safety Razors-West Coast Shaving

Why Women are Turning to Safety Razors

The world wide web is flooded with beauty tips, tricks, "influencers", icons, and marketing directed at women. Many of these focus on discontentment and flaws. We don’t want to be a voice in that choir. In fact, we think you should shave however you want -- or not. But if you haven’t checked out wet shaving as part of a healthy groom, we think you should look again. It isn’t just for facial hair, ladies. 

Why are women today turning to the safety razor? The answer isn’t hard. It is just better - better for your skin, better for the environment, better for your wallet. And it isn’t nearly as scary as you might think.

Why women turn to a safety razor?

  1. A safety razor isn’t as scary as you might think. Don’t be intimidated by razor sharp blades and heavy metal tools; they are all a means to an end. And they have been engineered to do exactly what you want them to do - remove hair. Safety razors are dubbed “safety” because they are. They were designed to be used at home and not only by a professional barber. All you have to do is respect the blade. Changing is usually a breeze - a twist or unscrew, pop out the old and add the new, reassemble and you are good to go. As far as technique, the head is designed to help guide you to the correct angle. Place it perpendicular to your body and tilt it until the blade contacts the skin (usually the exact curve of the head). Then just let the razor do the work. The tool is heavier than a disposable razor for a reason. You don’t need to apply extra pressure. Just let the weight of the razor do the work. 
  2. Safety razors give a close, comfortable shave. While you might be thinking you are going to shred your legs with a sharpened piece of metal, the reality is that your skin will probably thank you. One sharp blade contacting your skin and removing hair is generally better than a multiple blade cartridge that drags 3,4, or 5 blades simultaneously over your epidermis. In fact, a sharp blade cuts cleaner, easier, and more efficiently so you get less irritation, rash, etc. And taking the time to pamper yourself with a good shave is some much needed “me time”. Many women cite this as a factor in embracing wet shaving. Beautiful smells, exquisite tools, and a little extra self care give you silky smooth legs.
  3. Safety razors are better for the environment. These days aren’t we all looking to reduce waste? Well, wet shaving cuts down on so many disposable items. Ditch the plastic and get a razor that will last a lifetime. And if you invest in brush and soaps they also last a long time. You can even get soap refills to further cut down on plastic trash. Ceramic reusable bowls will help you whip up a fabulous lather. And the little piece of metal blade that does need to be thrown can be deposited in a “blade bank” and stored until it is full, before it is recycled. 
  4. Safety razors are cost effective. After the initial investment in the tools, wet shaving is pennies per shave. Razor blades are inexpensive and last a couple shaves or more. Otherwise, most of the tools are a one-time purchase. (We’re not saying you won’t get sucked into the world of artisan soap makers and scents, but you don’t HAVE to, wink, wink).

What about you? Are you a wet shaver? What drew you to using a safety razor?
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