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Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors got its start through a well-publicized and widely recognized Kickstarter (crowdfunding campaign) for the first Edition of the Rockwell 6S. Because of the demand for adding adjustability to modern three-piece safety razors, the plates and handle from the Rockwell 6S Kickstarter Edition (top cap not included at this time) are currently sold individually at West Coast Shaving as a fantastic addition to customers who currently own or are purchasing a 3-piece safety razor. The adjustable sizes that come from Rockwell plates represent different blade gaps, with Size 1 being the smallest blade gap and Size 6 being the largest. Additionally, Rockwell stainless steel handles have proved immensely popular and are a great option for customers looking to add an affordable ???bulldog?? handle to their modern three-piece safety razor.

Rockwell Razors will be coming out with a new version of the Rockwell 6S late in 2015, with an improved fit and finish interaction between the plates and the caps, which will allow for the Rockwell 6S to be sold in its entirety, rather than in components.

Rockwell Safety Razors
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Rockwell Razors Reviews
Sounds silly, but...
Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath .... I swear, this little, well-crafted sheath is the single best value I've ever seen in my life. Less than the cost of a coffee, and it's simply perfect. Period.
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Everything you heard is true. Get this razor!
Rockwell 6s: Hard to Find Better
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Two years ago I went all in on the safety razor scene. Read countless reviews and bought a Feather AS-D2. The feather is a great razor and screams quality with the ergonomics of holding it and the shave. I bought the 6s as a travel razor as the style and mechanics function very similar to my feather. Switching back and forth between them I think the 6s is on par with the feather. Slightly heavier and different shave angle but similar quality shave. The feather cost me $170 and the Rockwell was $125 w/ stand. I dropped the number 3 plate into the shavers and like the shave enough that I have not bothered trying out the other plates. Made in USA is a nice touch as well.

One minor design issue I have is I wish the head covered the entire blade. The blades extend past the head (on the sides) about 1/8" and wish it was flush. Feels awkward grabbing the head and feeling the blade when changing the blade out.

It may seem a little pricey with most razors in the $30-$60 range but if you can afford it I highly recommend.
Nice Stand for the 6s Razor
Rockwell Stainless Steel Razor Stand Nice holder that matches the 6S's dark gray color. I was planning on using the 6S as my travel razor and tossed it in my toiletry bag and after two flights I noticed small scratches in the stand. I thought the stainless steel finish would be more durable and will need to wrap the stand before I place it in my bag. I still think it is a must have if you buy the razor.
Rockwell 6C
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Well made, comfortable, balanced and beautiful. The 6C is a very nice razor, easily adjusted for the best shave. I purchased two, one for me and one for my son. We both love it. The finish is smooth and brilliant, glides over the skin. I own many adjustable razors, this one ranks very highly. Fit of the blade is precise on mine and gives a super great shave. At half the price of the 6S, I feel the 6C is a better value all around.
Love the Rockwell 6C!!
Rockwell 6C Razor, White Chrome Wanted the 6S but it wasn't available at the time so I settled on getting the 6C. Found out a friend had the 6S and I let him borrow my 6C. He said the 6C gave a better shave and suspects the baby smooth chrome was the reason why. Easy to use and easy to clean which is not always the case with an adjustable razor. I'm happy with it and can't wait to get my Rockwell Model-T when it's available.
Dopp Kit Must Have
Rockwell Genuine Leather Sheath It's leather. The price is right. Let's me travel with a loaded razor on my kit without shredding everything in the bag. A home run of a product!
Great razor but very bad customer service
Rockwell 6S Adjustable Stainless Steel Safety Razor Love the razor it's excellent but the customer service sucks plain and simple and the shipping is not great I can not track my shipment really because I was told I'm in Canada really guys I have no problem with Etsy or bull goose so that being said I won't be buying from west coast shaving again sorry for being honest
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